L2p importance – what does that mean?

L2P is a common abbreviation in today's Internet culture, especially the players of MMOs in recent times may have heard one time or another. But what's behind the mysterious abbreviation? And what is the appropriate response to it? In the following article we tell you the importance of L2p.

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Multiplayer online games (MMOs) like League of Legends is a thriving playground when it comes to delight with creative neologisms humanity. The classics include expressions such as:

  • &# 8220; n00b "(beginner)
  • &# 8220; pwn3&# 8243; (get ready)
  • &# 8220; FTW&# 8221; (For the Win)

In addition, however new shortcuts appear almost every week. Recently, especially popular: the abbreviation "L2P".

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l2p importance &# 8211; that's what the abbreviation

The meaning of &# 8220; L2P&# 8221; becomes clear if you split the term into its constituent parts: Like so many other chat abbreviations and phrases in the online world is &L2p; # 8220&# 8221; an acronym, i.e. each letter of the abbreviation stands for another word. In this case, these are the words &# 8220; learn&# 8221; &# 8220; to&# 8221; &# 8220; play&# 8221 ;. &# 8220; L2P&# 8221; so nothing is different from: "Learning first time to play" and should be seen as belittling the skills of another player. L2P is the way usually used in conjunction with other online slang words. The typical use of &# 8220; L2P&# 8221; might go something like "Omg you Aggroed the Entire room n00b, l2p." Phew ... four word-creations. In German the whole thing is about: &# 8220; Oh my God, you have taken in the space of you watching the whole opponents, beginners, learning first time to play!&# 8221;

world of warcraftWithout a solid basic vocabulary to chat abbreviations players MMOs not get far.

clarified l2p importance &# 8211; but what I say to that?

The meaning of &L2p; # 8220&# 8221; we would have clarified it. What I say now but if me such a surly comes along? The appropriate standard answer (not just for this case) is quite simple &# 8220; STFU&# 8221; (Shut the fuck up = Shut up!). Who wants it more diplomatic, but could also reply: &# 8220; LFMF&# 8221; (. Learn from my Fail = Learn from my mistakes) Fits on but that your response is not too long otherwise you get one for sure &# 8220; TLDR&# 8221; to listen. Alternatively, you can the Streithammel of course simply a cover and the whole thing with a sardonic &# 8220; pwn3d "comment. Thus then the person knows of where the rubber meets the road and will be careful in the future, the expression &L2p; # 8220&# 8221; apply to you.

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