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With Spaceballs Mel Brooks has managed a classic of comedy history. The Star Wars spoof is still one of the funniest movies ever, scenes like the "Scouring the Desert", but also characters like Lone Starr, the Möter and Lord Helmchen are still unforgotten.

Despite the success of the first part Spaceballs 2 is not released until today - even though Yogurth but holds out the prospect to the end that could meet again in a sequel to Spaceballs 2 with luck Yogurth Möter, Princess Vepsa and Co..

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New fire were rumors about a sequel in 2016, as in the New York subway poster &# 8220; The Search For More Money&# 8221; were seen.

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 Spaceballs 2: Mel Brooks expresses itself (update)

In a podcast with Adam Corolla by the end of January 2015, Mel Brooks expressed a Spaceballs sequel. So the head of the Star Wars spoof is thinking about may well produce a new part. In this case, Brooks relies on a quote from Bill Pullmann from the first film in which Lone Starr itself directly refers to a second part. Particularly with regard to the release of a new Star Wars film, also a new Spaceballs film would offer.

but implementation depends primarily on participation by Rick Moranis from the Lord Helmchen. In addition to his role as funny villain is Moranis also in Ghostbusters and &# 8220; Honey, I Shrunk the Kids&# 8221; made a name. Since 1997, Moranis has been, however, to see more in a film. On &# 8220; Dotty matrix&# 8221; and Möter &Waldi; # 8220&# 8221; would have to be dispensed in a sequel that actor John Candy and Joan Rivers have already died. As a theatrical release in 2016 would be shortly after the release of Star Wars VII: The awakening of the power in the room, the appointment was not meet only

Since the podcast two years have passed, with &# 8220; One Rogue&# 8221; and &# 8220; Episode VII&# 8221; also ran the first new Star Wars movies in the cinema. Further details and plans to Spaceballs 2 was gone since the statement of Mel Brooks. Who is waiting for a Star Wars parody, but gets a new lining: For the end of 2017, the start of production was &# 8220; Star Worlds&# 8221; announced. behind the movie Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg. The duo is responsible for the first Scary Movie movie, with &# 8220; Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE = MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue&# 8221; is now a new parody of the biggest sci-fi saga ever to be launched.

If a Spaceballs sequel?

Rumors and news rag around a sequel to Spaceballs 2 there have been repeated. With Spaceballs 2: The Search for more money, there is even a semi-official title for a continuation of the space adventure. However Tangible announcements regarding new adventure to Lord Helmchen and Co. are in short supply.

spaceballs 1

"Helmchen" actor and comedian of the early nineties, Rick Moranis, has already commented in 2013 about a possible movie. In an interview with the Heebmagazine Moranis explains that Mel Brooks, producer of the first part, shortly after the success of Spaceballs has approached the actor to negotiate plans for a second part. The production company MGM itself was the Spaceballs 2 might well produce want. More than talking, however, did not materialize. So Brooks demanded impossible things according Moranis, but would not elaborate on the Moranis. The money it should be finally not failed.

Spaceballs 2: rumors and interviews by Mel Brooks and Rick Moranis

Already in 2004 there were rumors according to which Mel Brooks was busy writing the script for Spaceballs second The film should be a week before Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith in theaters. More than an announcement to customize the script, there was not, however. So Spaceballs remains one of the few reactions from the eighties, has received not a remake nor a prequel. In view of the new Star Wars movies from Disney if there will be new rumors regarding Spaceballs 2 remains to be seen.

spaceballs animated-series

After all, there were 2008 Spaceballs: an animated implementation of the science fiction comedy The Animated Series. The content of the series is slightly similar to the story of the main film while each episode different aspects not only of Star Wars, but also from Lord Of The Rings, GTA and other elements of popular culture takes the mickey.

With us you will also rumors about Gremlins 3 and Back to the Future. 4

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