TV over the Internet: Here’s free, legal and in HD

The computer, the tablet and the mobile phone displace slowly but surely numerous other technical equipment from the living room. Instead of the stereo using iTunes as a radio replacement, there are many channels available online and the TV must slowly shaking his supremacy in German living rooms, after all, there are now plenty of offerings that you can watch television on the Internet.

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Formerly an additional hardware like a TV card needed to be able to see TV channels on your PC, only a halfway reasonable Internet connection, a browser and, of course, a monitor and a sound card is now required to receive television over the Internet to. Alternatively, bringing the TV program online on the smartphone or tablet. We show you the possibilities and providers are there in TV viewing over the Internet.

TV live stream with Magine*

With these services, you can watch TV on the Internet:

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So you can watch TV on the Internet

For several years, the streaming service Magine TV is gaining in popularity in the browsers of Internet users to see online the TV program. Since 2013 there Magine as TV streaming service in Sweden, since April 2014, is the television on the Internet with Magine TV in this country. Was access in the first months after the introduction initially without restriction, so you could see after a free registration ProSieben, RTL, Sat.1 and Co. online, Magine has its model now somewhat changed.

  • Reports ye first time *, there is free access to TV over the Internet with ARD, ZDF, WDR, ProSieben, RTL, Sat.1, Sport1, Euro Sports and many other channels for a short period.
  • After the free trial period you can watch a few selected stations in Magine free.
  • For RTL, ProSieben and Co. a fee-based option is required.
  • Magine offers various models about which one such. B. online can also receive pay-TV channels or stations to his liking.
  • The TV station there on the Internet on iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones.

Video on demand VOD service on TV.

ARD and ZDF can be viewed via Magine in HD quality online. To enjoy the high resolution, you of course need the appropriate TV.

More products on

Since the second half of the year, the service tried in the German TV streaming market. For data transmission, a private fiber-optic network is used. In addition to the reception of linear TV program also offers a recording feature that you can record individual shows online and watch at a later time. The app on the smartphone serves as a remote control, the program can be transmitted via Chromecast to your TV. As the service is proposed in everyday life, learn it in our test to

TV via Internet with*

TV over the Internet: Here's free, legal and in HD

TV on the Internet: the legal offers

An alternative for television on the Internet provides Zattoo. Again, there is a free and a paid model. After login you can free access to some 75 TV stations, including Sport1, ARD, Arte and many other, mainly regional programs. With the Zattoo HiQ access their other TV channels unlocks, including the programs of ProSieben Sat.1 Group and RTL with its additional channels N-TV, RTL 2 and Co. There is also with Zattoo HiQ for 9.99 € per month 25 channels in HD via the Internet. Here also is available a free trial period for those interested.

If you want to shipments not parallel to the TV broadcast, but all at a later time, you should take a look at the service SaveTV. The offer works like a classic video recorder, that is, it can be scheduled recordings and TV content as viewed at a later time. Of course, the content is not au fine classic VHS are stored, they can be accessed online. To get an idea of ​​the range, you can try the service for 30 days free.

test SaveTV free*

Pay TV streamed over the Internet

Also on the pay-TV operator Sky streaming trend is not over. Who would like to conclude no traditional pay-TV subscription, yet will turn live to the Bundesliga games or current series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, may book one of the Skya tickets. These are available in three versions: &# 8220; Entertainment&# 8221 ;, &Film; # 8220&# 8221; and &Super Sport; # 8220&# 8221; to disposal. As with Netflix and Co. access may be terminated monthly. Sports fans can also book a day pass to z. regarded as individual top games on the Internet without long-term commitment. With corresponding apps Chromecast or Apple TV bringing the stream on the TV in the living room.

Sky tickets at a glance*

TV over the Internet: Here's free, legal and in HD*

TV over the Internet: Here's free, legal and in HD

Of course you can also directly access the homepage on a stream and thus receive the program on television and via the Internet at many stations. Public service channels such as ARD, ZDF, WDR and Co. are doing in a continuous stream, with other private stations the online offer is limited to individual broadcasts. RTL you can also access via the TV-Now library on numerous broadcasts in the repetition. The individual shipments are usually placed a few hours after the television broadcast in the Internet and can be there for seven days free of charge, are then viewed for a fee online.

These apps bring you TV channels on your smartphone and tablet:

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An overview of the best TV streaming apps you see in this video:
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