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In Excel you can interpolate values ​​linear. This means their calculated values ​​between two measurements. We show in the video fully and clearly an example of how to do it.

In Excel you values ​​between two diameter values ​​can relatively simple linear interpolation (calculate). Look also at the best our video. So it is relatively easy to understand the basis of our example.

1585Excel values ​​interpolate (tutorial video)

You will need the following formula:

This formula interpolated values ​​in Excel.This formula interpolated values ​​in Excel.

Legend and explanation:

  • Yn is the measured value to be calculated which lies between the known measurement values ​​Y1 and Y2.
  • Y1 is the known measured value of which is assumed.
  • Y2 is the second known measurement.
  • X1 is its value to the function value Y1.
  • X2 is the corresponding value for the function value Y2.
  • Xn is the location for which you want to calculate the corresponding measured value Yn.

The big break in the middle stands for the slope between the two known measured values ​​Y1 and Y2, which are used for interpolation.

our example looks like this:

We calculate the value Yn to the corresponding value X value 1.25.We calculate the value Yn to the corresponding value X value 1.25.
  • According to our example in the video our formula used is included cell and column labels = C5 + ((C9-C5) / (B9-B5)) * (B6-B5)
  • With you you have the values ​​according to your data to insert.

Excel: interpolate values

  1. Your values ​​should be entered in a column from top to bottom.
  2. Now click as shown in the video to the cell into which the new measured value is to be interpolated.
  3. Adds our formula and changes the individual values ​​according to your column and cell label.
  4. Alternatively, it creates the formula for your cell itself an example of the video.
  5. In the end it confirms the formula with the Enter key, so Excel performs the interpolation.

We can you quickly transferred to other values, the formula, you see also the tutorial video above.