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The holiday season is coming up. Whoever takes by car on the way to hopefully most beautiful time of the year and will certainly get on the highways to many other vacationers. Thus the journey does not become a game of patience, you can display traffic jams in Google Maps.

In order to master the way from one place to another, it does not require expensive Navis more, but can directly use the free Google Maps app. In addition to the route, the app also displays in real time whether jams are on the way. Under certain circumstances, you can then drive around the plate avalanches and save time and nerves.

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Google Maps: View jam in the app

In order to see whether there are on your route disabilities, proceed as follows:

  1. Provides first as usual the route in Google Maps.
  2. So you see the route on the screen.
  3. Here are some sections green, other orange and further red shown. In green sections you have free travel. Orange means that the traffic quite a bit slower rolls can. In red you need to set you on waiting times.
  4. You ride a different route to avoid the traffic jam will automatically determine a new route in Google Maps.

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If "Start" and "target" is entered, you can additionally "route information" Show. Here you will find information that can be read, at which time the route is the most traveled. So you can avoid when planning a trip about a rush hour.

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Google Maps shows congestion and traffic

In total there is here to see six bars. Each column is from a traffic forecast over a period of half an hour. The higher the bar, the longer the journey time is expected. Is expected a lot of traffic, the bar changes color from green to red. The details are forecasts. Accidents, road damage or other unforeseen events can affect your driving time unplanned.

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Of course you can already check whether a traffic jam on the planned route and before departure on a PC browser. Checked this the "traffic" section. The data is determined by anonymous location information from other Android users. The feature for travel time forecasting is currently only Android users.