Penny Dreadful Season 4? Serial-out after the third season!

Online the bearer of bad news can not be beheaded, so we do not want to adorn unnecessarily us: A fourth Penny Dreadful relay will not give it. For the fans a real surprise for showrunner John Logan, a worthy end. A decision whose closer inspection is the last thing we can do for Penny Dreadful. 

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The three-season opus envisioned by John Logan has come to an end. #Dreadfuls #PennyDreadful

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The third season of Penny Dreadful is run, including the final finale in the United States until 06.19.2016. In this country you can watch the series almost parallel look at Netflix, but the eighth and ninth result in default and not online yet, please. What reasons are the cause and when you can expect the last two episodes, was yet to be determined.

Thus German fans, but was spared the unpleasant surprise that fans just had to endure in the US without any prior notice, the display at the end of the 9th row: &# 8220; The End&# 8221 ;. And this my the makers absolutely literally, the season finale is also the finale of the series. A serial-out without notice &# 8211; one thrown out of Victorian London with no chance of return.

Penny Dreadful Season 4: What Logan was thinking? (Warning: spoilers included)

Also watchful fans had no chance to predict this step of showrunner John Logan and Showtime president David Nevins. There were no signs, information, and not even rumors. The odds of the third season were not stunning, but stable and in some cases even better than that of the second season. Although it is rumored that the decision would have mainly to do with the odds: Rational lights that reasoning only very limited.

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The end was planned long

But series creator John Logan apparently knew already the production of the third season beginning that the end is near. In an interview with EW Logan and Nevins can deduce that particularly substantial reasons prompted the End of the series. So Nevin said: &# 8220; When we talked about what we do in the next season, said John that Vanessa Ives has to die and he knows exactly how that is going on. And if Vanessa Ives has come to an end, then the whole series has come to an end.&# 8221;

Nevin also reported that gripped him in this announcement, the grief and he intervenes in response that there still were so many other great characters in the series. but Logan insisted that the dramaturgy of this was headed an endpoint and that a different decision would not be wise. He had to promise Nevin then that he was a &# 8220; incredibly satisfying end&# 8221; will create a promise that Logan was and also has held, according to Nevin.

previously not to warn the fans, but with the &# 8220; The end message&# 8221; hard to shock at the end of the 27th episode, was also a conscious decision makers.

we want to be at this point left out a more detailed discussion of the last episode, because in Germany they had not yet seen on Netflix. In the following video you can listen to the bad news again by the polluter John Logan himself:

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