HTML5 Video Download: So you can easily store video clips

Adobe Flash is dying out slowly but surely, more and more browsers and Web sites set for the video playback to HTML5 as the primary force. How can you download an HTML5 video with Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox, we show you the following guide.

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Flash is many developers and Internet users have long been a thorn in the proprietary Flash Player introduces security risks and accordingly requires frequent updates, like crashes times and brings his Ressourcenhungrigkeit it now and again to succumb to the whole browser. HTML5 is, however, a far more modern and above all open standard, which also allows for freely available videos a very simple way of the download.

HTML5 Video Download &# 8211; Freely available videos (Chrome & Firefox)

The download of freely available HTML5 video is not much harder than storing an image file. Just go for it as follows:

  1. Gets the appropriate video on in your browser.
  2. Right-click on the video.
  3. Click then save video below&# 8230; ,

    Links: Chrome, right: FirefoxLinks: Chrome, right: Firefox

  4. Now select the location and click on the button Save.

The video is then downloaded in the same format and the same quality as it was placed on the relevant page available. If you need the video to a different resolution or in a different format, you must convert it manually.

HTML5 Video Download &# 8211; Video platforms (Chrome & Firefox)

On many video platforms the videos are secure, which is why the download on Dailymotion, Clipfish and other sites also works with HTML5 only by video downloader. For this, you can install you an appropriate plug-in for your browser that is compatible with HTML5 video.

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Alternatively you can use as the 4K Video Downloader also a download software. Those who want to install any additional software or plug-ins can also use online services such as convert2mp3 or to download videos.



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