get Steam trading cards, sell and to what end?

For some time, Valve offers a further incentive on its game platform to spend as much time with as many different games. What works for Pokémon, panini and FIFA Ultimate Team, works well on Steam: collect trading cards and exchange.

get Steam trading cards, sell and to what end?

Do you play games on Steam, you can besides Achievements and trophies since 2013, trading cards to collect, by fulfilling their specific tasks. The cards can you z. B. use it to beef up your gamer profile on Steam. Moreover, you can get hold of for the next purchase on Steam or unlock rare smileys for chat by collecting vouchers. Of course, increases with each trading card will your Steam level.

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So you can get trading cards in Steam

Do you want to get Steam trading cards, you have to play certain games for a while. Here you have to be precise not even play themselves, but can the corresponding game simply hold the preset time openly Furthermore, there are maps of the Steam-market where you can sell your own trading cards. Depending on the game can be to get the five to nine cards. As the number of Steam Trading Cards also your Steam level grows. Here over other players can get a glimpse of how much steam is in you, and as you progress in games in Steam are.

get Steam trading cards, sell and to what end?

What's the trading cards on Steam?

The Steam trading cards are currently only for collecting, viewing, sell or trade. Own game function as about Magic: The Gathering is the case, there is not. However, Valve plans nachzutragen a corresponding duel function in the future. As with almost any Sammelwahn arises in connection with Steam trading cards, the question of the benefits. Those who collect many cards and the set can be completed in a game will receive a badge.

  • To get the badge, click on the Steam name.
  • now changes to the badge menu.
  • Click on "badge in work".
  • There you can create and evaluate your present collection her new badge.

steam-collecting cards

For each badge that you get through the Steam trading cards, you can dust off their rewards:

  • Wallpaper to the corresponding game
  • Emoticons
  • Vouchers for Steam
  • XP for Steam-Level

Anyone who meets the conditions for an already existing card pack again in the game, a badge can be up to five times to upgrade.

Here you can sell Steam Trading Card

Who does not want to sit for hours in front of the monitor to collect trading cards, can whip out his wallet and also shopping within the trading card market place cards. In addition, you have here the opportunity to sell their own Steam trading cards when z. B. twice on your own stack available or if you can ever do anything with the trading cards. Steam earned by the way with the sale of trading cards and moves accordingly a commission on every trade in. Do you want to sell yourself Steam cards, you should of course this does not do during the Steam sales. After all, most games are purchased, so that the number of trading cards in circulation grows here. In particular, shortly after the release of a new game, the price of trading cards of the corresponding game is also the highest.


In addition to the purchase and sale Valve also offers the opportunity to exchange trading cards with friends. Controls this again the "badge" on menu. Do you choose the badge of a game, there you can see which of your friends have already collected trading cards to the game and possibly even have missing cards.

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