What is Google+? – simply explained The Social Network

With all the extensible services on the Internet Google+ sounds at first perhaps as a premium subscription or an advanced search engine. In reality Google+ Google is just another attempt but to establish itself as a social network. In this guide, we will question &# 8220; What is Google+?&# 8221; for you just explain.

Google+ is now the fourth attempt by the search engine Gigantens build a social network like Facebook. Previously, Google has already tried this with the sides Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut, which, however, were all discontinued after a short time. Google+ now holds since mid-2011 on the market and is the second largest social network by its own account, even if it is still claiming persistently that it would use no and it is also part of a series of Google-flops.

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What is Google+?

Who already knows Facebook or LinkedIn will be able to find their way on Google+. Google+ is also a social network by her your own profile (or as a company profile) create, connect with friends and colleagues and, more can share content text, links and more.

what is google + profileEven those who already have a facebook profile, can benefit from another account on another social network. With Google+, XING or other Facebook alternatives you can separate for example, friends and the private environment of work colleagues, bosses or professors without fiddling or two profiles on the same platform to create lists.

Moreover, it is very easy to register with Google+. Those who already have a Google account for one of the many Google services, its Android smartphone, G-mail or YouTube can use this for Google+ also quite simple. Those who still have an account, but can also easily and free create a Google account.

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What can Google+?

With Google+ to texts can share photos, links and more with friends and acquaintances who do you have connected to your Google + -Account. Similar to Facebook you can see the content posted in the news feed of Home Google+.

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Also on Google+ can you magazines, trade marks, stars and starlets "follow" in order to be supplied with updates to the appropriate topic. Of course, GIGA is represented on Google+.

About Google Hangouts in Google+ you can quickly start a video chat with friends and acquaintances on Google+ or Google Hangouts app.

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