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Zoo Tycoon 2 is a manager game where you have to take care as the director of a zoo to all matters of its zoos. It takes care of the finances, supplies personnel and watches as the system evolves over the years. As a player, you have the aim to attract as many visitors and to keep its finances in good shape. Anyone who invests his money generously and is in a bottleneck that can in fact be reversed also forced to remove animals from the zoo again.

&# 8220; Zoo Tycoon 2&# 8243; is the latest addition to the developers at Microsoft. Who loves Manager games, which must not only take care of football clubs, but can go for the fate of an entire zoo in this fun-filled adventure. Those familiar with previous games like the legendary theme park or RollerCoaster Tycoon, which is located in &# 8220; Zoo Tycoon 2&# 8243; quickly feel at home. The control of the title via an intuitive user interface that makes available the functions of the game in a comprehensible form. Is the new elephant enclosure really profitable? Do the monkeys far enough guests can lure them into an important part of the enclosure, or should we take more austerity measures?

&# 8220; Zoo Tycoon 2&# 8243; provides the player constantly on such decision situations and thus guarantees a virtually unlimited entertainment. Its own special charm wins the game and by the detailed graphics. All animals are faithfully modeled and move like their role models from reality. Thanks to powerful engine but the game runs smoothly even on slower computer systems. &# 8220; Zoo Tycoon 2&# 8243; is playable on Windows systems, on the Nintendo DS and also on Mac OS X.

&# 8220; Zoo Tycoon 2&# 8243; is the ideal manager game also in the second edition. The lovely graphic implementation makes the game a real eye-catcher and guarantees endless fun. Even beginners will be able to quickly find their way thanks to the easy control in their park.


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