Pokémon sun and moon: defeat Top 4 – Champion are in the Alola League

You want to present to you the ultimate challenge in Pokémon sun and moon and defeat the top 4? No problem! You just need to counter next to a sufficient training, the Pokémon types of your opponents. Do you want to become a champion of Alola league? We show you on this page, which Pokémon are used by the top 4 and what level they possess.

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At the end of Pokémon sun and moon you have to the Pokémon League complete and should the title of Champ the Alola League receive. Before that, however, you first need to pass the island-exams and have caught enough Pokémon, so you can put together a well-balanced team you. After the top 4 you can expect even more another enemy, we what from you Spoiler-risk describe at the end of our article. A good help in the fight against the top four are the new Z attacks in Pokémon sun and moon.

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Defeat the Top 4 and Alola champion Pokémon sun and moon

Once her Halls of Top 4 have entered, there is no turning back. So you should enough potions and animators with you, so that you your Pokémon at any time can bring his strength back. Furthermore, you should save between individual battles every time, so you do not lose your progress on the way to the title of the Champs. The top four come with their own and very powerful Pokémon, our tables show you which coach sends what monsters to battle.

Pokemon sun and moon Top 4Which side will you choose?

Top 4: Hala and the battle Pokémon

You know Hala already, as you have completed the first big test on the island Mele Mele. He will again you Fighting Pokémon use it against you and you are very well positioned with flight and psychological Pokémon with Hala. We show you the level, weaknesses and Pokémon Hala as first opponent of the top four:

Hariyama54struggleFlight (x2), Psycho (x2), Fairy (x2)
Kosturso54Normal / FightingFlight (x2), Psycho (x2), Fairy (x2), fight (x2)
Primeape54struggleFlight (x2), Psycho (x2), Fairy (x2)
Poliwrath54Water / FightingFlight (x2), Psycho (x2), Fairy (x2), Plant (x2), electric (x2)
Krawell55Fighting / IceFlight (x2), Psycho (x2), Fairy (x2), Fire (x2), Steel (x2), fight (x2)

Top 4: Kahili and flight Pokémon

Kahili is also an already known opponent. She puts on Flight Pokémon and each of its Pokemon additionally has a second types:

Skarmory54Steel / FlightElectric (x2), Fire (x2)
Grypheldis54Unlicht / FlightRock (x2), electric (x2), Ice (x2), Fairy (x2)
Crobat54Gift / FlightIce (x2), rock (x2), electric (x2), Psycho (x2)
Choreogel54Fire / FlightWater (x2), rock (x2), electric (x2)
Tukanon55Normal / FlightIce (x2), electric (x2), rock (x2)
Pokemon sun and moon Top 4In the top 4 you expect the thick chunks!

Top 4: Mayla and the rock-type Pokémon

Mayla is the last known opponent of the Top 4. relies on Rock Pokémon and almost every one of her strong Pokémon has a type of weakness with the x4 multiplier. Concentrate most on this counter, so you can conquer the tough chunks.

Relicanth54Water / rockPlant (x4), fight (x2), electric (x2), floor (x2)
Golem54Rock / electroBottom (x4), water (x2), fight (x2), plant (x2)
Rocata54Rock / feeSteel (x4), water (x2), plant (x2), bottom (x2)
scale production for54Rock / SteelFloor (x4), fight (x4), water (x2)
Wolwerock55rockPlant (x2), fight (x2), steel (x2), water (x2), bottom (x2)

Top 4: Lola and the spirits

You know Lola as Captain, but you had to never compete against them. Through your shared experiences with Lola, it will probably come as no surprise to you that they pertain Ghost Pokémon puts.

Zobiris54Unlicht / spiritFee (x2)
Moruda54Mind / plantIce (x2), Fire (x2), mind (x2), Unlicht (x2), Flight (x2)
Froslass54Ice / spiritRock (x2), Fire (x2), Steel (x2), Unlicht (x2), mind (x2)
Drifblim54Mind / FlightSpirit (x2), electric (x2), Ice (x2), Unlicht (x2), rock (x2)
Colossand55Spirit / SoilWater (x2), Plant (x2), mind (x2), Unlicht (x2), Ice (x2)

+++ Spoiler Warning !!! +++

Pokemon sun and moon Top 4From choosing your starter your greatest enemy depends.

Professor Kukui

Now a professor Kukui? Yes, you've got to him than last enemy ask and so it is sort of the top five coaches. At this point, you experience also why your opponent has received the defeated Pokémon type of the starter at the beginning of the game. This innovation in Pokémon sun and moon differs from previous games and by the choice of Professor Kukui ye have the superior types of starter Pokémon against you. Defeated the old gentlemen and you'll Champ of Alola league!

Magnezone56Electric / SteelFloor (x4), fight (x2), Fire (x2)
Relaxo56normalCombat (x2)
Washakwil56Normal / FlightIce (x2), electric (x2), rock (x2)
Ninetales56Ice / FeeSteel (x4), poison (x2), fire (x2), rock (x2)
Wolwerock57rockPlant (x2), fight (x2), steel (x2), water (x2), bottom (x2)
Feugro58Fire / UnlichtWater (x2), fight (x2), bottom (x2), rock (x2)
Primarene58Water / FairyPlant (x2), electric (x2), poison (x2)
Silvarro58Plant / spiritFire (x2), Ice (x2), Flight (x2), mind (x2), Unlicht (x2)

The last three Pokémon occur depending on your chosen starter Pokémon.

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