X-Files: The 10 Best Follow

After almost 15 years of absence, the screen special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully return to television in January 2016th Reason enough to recall everything that happened between 1993 and 2001 like that. We have selected the best 10 episodes of the original series for you. 

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The revival of &# 8220; Axes X &# 8211; The X Files&# 8221; has managed to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to unite the two great stars of the series again. Accordingly big is the hope that Season 10, which starts next January, is as grand as the first nine seasons of the nineties and two thousands. That you may be back on the state of affairs when dealing with &# 8220; The X-Files&# 8221; going on, we have picked out the 10 best consequences for you who absolutely need to brush up!

The X Revival - Duchovny wants more than just one season

X-Files: The 10 Best Follow &# 8211; Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Clearly, first you have to call time in memory, as everything else began. Not only that, Mulder and Scully are presented again like, of course, the pilot is also particularly good, to build the atmosphere that the series will constitute the next nine seasons over.

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X-Files: The 10 Best Follow &# 8211; The nest Season 1, Episode 3

The same in the third episode is clarified that in &# 8220; The X-Files&# 8221; should not only be about UFOs and aliens. &# 8220; The Nest&# 8221; represents the first &# 8220; Monster of the Week&# 8221; Episode. A stylistic device, in which every week a new enemy introduced and whose action is completed.


X-Files: The 10 Best Follow &# 8211; Conspiracy of silence Part 3 Season 3, Episode 2

The third season of &# 8220; The X-Files&# 8221; often considered by fans and critics as the best ever. The same in the second episode of this season, many of the previously introduced story arcs about aliens, UFOs and conspiracies culminate. The end of the episode also presents one of the most iconic visual effects moments of the whole series.


X-Files: The 10 Best Follow &# 8211; The clairvoyant Season 3, Episode 4

the episode &Lightning; # 8220&# 8221; excluded the parent act almost completely, demonstrating the potential for &# 8220; stand-alone&# 8221; Consequences of &# 8220; The X-Files&# 8221 ;. Both guest star Peter Boyle and author Darin Morgan won an Emmy Award for her work on this episode.


X-Files: The 10 best episodes - incest Season 4, Episode 2

The eerie and disturbing episode about a murderous inbred family was so controversial that the FOX declared that he would never broadcast again after the premiere. Not only &# 8220; incest&# 8221; probably the scariest episode of &# 8220; The X-Files&# 8221 ;, she made the series also a fixture in the horror genre.


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