Hellboy 3: Rumors – what about a sequel?

To comic book movies is presently insufficient barely. Some heroes already had several screen credits, including the anti-hero Hellboy. After the first part of 2004 and the sequel was released in 2008, it is a Hellboy 3 release date is currently calm and that although Guillermo Del Toro has first self-designed the Hellboy series as a trilogy.

The end of 2014 Hellboy 3 of Guillermo Del Toro was declared "dead". This is due to the film giant Universal, which regards the production costs for a third film as too high.36325Remakes, sequels, spinoffs: Same content - Better effects?Maxdome her Hellboy can watch the stream *Hellboy 3: Rumors - what about a sequel?. shutterstock_99120143

Hellboy 3: Perlman wants to continue

Recently, Guillermo Del Toro has made hopes for a new Hellboy part. On Twitter, however, Del Toro sat hopes an end. He spoke with all parties and has come to the conclusion that a sequel is definitely not implemented. For the future, he concluded from that Hellboy might appear. 3 Here was a third part of Hellboy initially only a matter of time. Also Hellboy actor Ron Perlman strongly advocated a continuation of one, as Guillermo Del Toro had copied the project already. So Perlman has recorded directly contact the studio managers, in order to convince -vergeblich- Hellboy third

Again and again, Ron Perlman fires the rumors and hopes for Hellboy 3 again. In a tweet to Perlman turns to the public with the desire to end the trilogy with another part of the comic book movie. At the same time the former Sons of Anarchy actor called on the fans of the comic and film series to on to share the tweet and to raise them to the Twitter trends to show that Hellboy 3 not daring film project, but a success at the box office becomes. shutterstock_99120362

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Hellboy 3: Is there hope?



The first part of Hellboy devoured 66 million US dollars in production costs and played a 99 million, part 2 "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" played 160 million US $ 85 million US $ costs. Guillermo Del Toro already announced before the cancellation by Universal that the required budget for the third part much higher than had yet to be its predecessor, after all, the director and producer Hellboy wants to represent "Beast of the Apocalypse" as. the second part was at the box office than expected, quite possible, then, that the studio does not want to carry a risk of continuation. Ron Perlman took the final rejection for Hellboy 3 with humor: There were repeated last hopes, statements and rumors that could indicate a potential sequel to Hellboy. The tweets from Del Toro and Co. However, a final rejection seems imminent. Hellboy therefore has at least finished on the big screen his superhero career. Source: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com


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