make video smaller for WhatsApp, YouTube and Co.

Video files can often require enormous storage requirements. Do you want to send a video about WhatsApp, upload to YouTube or just to save space on the hard disk, you can often reduce the video.

make video smaller for WhatsApp, YouTube and Co.

Large video files often employ an unfavorable codec. The conversion of the video, the video content can be compressed in order to save space, while hardly having to accept quality losses.

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So you can make a video smaller and save memory

  • You want to do video smaller, you need this no expensive and professional video editing software, and no profound PC skills.
  • Instead, you can also make using freeware compression.
  • For the downsizing of videos are, for suitable. B. VirtualDub.
  • Opens this the appropriate video in the program.
  • Now save the film in a lower resolution.
  • Draws want to shrink video z. B. drag & Drop into the program.
  • Selected via the menu bar "Video" and then the "Compression" option.
  • There you have the choice between different compression methods.
  • For a proper compression of the x264 codec is recommended.
  • Also XviD or DivX can be selected, after all these codecs are widely used.
  • "File" - "Save segmented Avi" you can now save the result.
  • While thus the image quality is somewhat deteriorated, but you can also save enormous of space.

make video smaller for WhatsApp, YouTube and Co.

make video smaller for WhatsApp, YouTube and Co.

Even the Windows Movie Maker offers the possibility of reading films and then save them in a new file with reduced quality, or resolution. Advanced features for video editing offers you the Super Tool. There you can convert files to other formats in and out like that. Selects the format as "QuickTime" and sets a codec "H.264". Screwed at the same bit rate down and click "Encode". Even the Freemake Video Converter provides you the option to save a movie in a different format and at a reduced resolution to shrink the video that way.

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