Fallout 4: increase load – so you can carry more

Again pockets full and you can no longer bear in Fallout 4? Especially in the latest offshoot of the post-apocalyptic fiction role-playing game you will ever faced with this problem. Therefore we tell you different methods and tricks that you can increase the load and thus rarely problems with too much baggage in Fallout 4 will have.

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Fallout 4 is one of those games where the bags can not be too large and deep. Especially all the rubbish that you have to carry around with you because you can now make good use of this, some take away at court. We, therefore, show you how her Increase load and carry more can.

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Fallout 4: Increase load &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

First of all, you should get for what items should you pick and which can be let her feel. use in our extensive guide to the scrap you do not see what materials are useful and which not. But even apart from Scrap take weapons, armor and tools away a large part of your place in the inventory. Also mods that you attach to weapons and armor must be carried along. Fortunately, at least the ammo weighs nothing, why do you always all of them should take.

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Tips to carry more

  • to your increasing load, have to invest in their strength the attribute value. especially the Perk &# 8220; Strong back&# 8221; at level 6 lawful in several ranks a higher load of up to +50. Also, you can then use action points to sprint if you are overweight and on the highest rank you can even fast travel.
  • Of the Perk &# 8220; Lone Roving&# 8221;┬áCharisma talent tree you allowed for rank 2, double load, if you are traveling without a companion.
  • Shall ye not be separated from your companion, you can use it even as a packhorse. Simply speak to Preston Garvey Paladin Danse, Piper and Co. and selects the dialogue option Act. So you can pack it full to the limit with your objects.
  • Scrap can you get rid of in your workshop settlements easy. Just go to a workbench or any vessel and selects the option transfer. Then you can with a single keystroke option Select store entire scrap.
  • So you can better assess what items you need or not selected on your Pipboy tab scrap metal and goes on component view. Now choose among the items of which you have only a few, select Mark for search. In this way, a scrap at containing the materials sought magnifying glass icon displayed. So can leave their targeted looting and unnecessary stuff.
  • Makes use of the 30 Workshop settlements in the game and empties after extensive forays into Vaults, bases or other places your bags.
  • With applied power armor you are traveling slower, but you can carry more.
  • Do you play on the PC you have the opportunity with the countless Fallout 4 Cheats your to increase load capacity. There you will also find other codes, you make life easier in the post-apocalyptic fiction role-playing game.
The Components view you can select only important items for the search.The Components view you can select only important items for the search.

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