Pokémon GO: bug can bring you a rare Pokémon

Shortly after Niantic has made with the removal of footprints-Feautures furore follows the next problem with Pokémon GO: A new bug apparently provides in some cases, that your freshly caught Pokémon is replaced by a quite different.

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Since the last update a bizarre bug is some Pokémon-GO-players noticed: If a Pokémon caught, immersed in some cases in its place a very different pocket monster in your collection on. This may have for you both negative and positive consequences. Sun reported a player as a Charizard appeared instead of just caught Raupys in his collection - a worthwhile catch. On the other hand, there were also reports that instead of a freshly caught Bisasams suddenly a RATTATA was displayed as a prisoner. Annoying!

Said bug does not occur in each fishing and is probably quite rare. An official statement from Niantic does not yet exist. However, they promised at least recently, intending to take the problem to the footprints feature again.

If you, the new bug in Pokémon GO already met?

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