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Spotify is one of the first points of contact when it comes to play music online in the stream. In addition to playing individual songs or albums you also have the option of favorite songs or songs to arrange a thematic umbrella term in playlists. Do you want to create with your friends or family a large music collection, you can create a shared playlist in Spotify.

Find out here how you can put together the group playlist. The arrangement can also be performed wirelessly via the Spotify app on Android or iOS on both the desktop as well.

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A shared playlist is suitable for. As for a larger celebration, to be at which musical tastes of all types taken into consideration. In addition, you can put together a collection here to share favorite songs with friends. How it works in the desktop version of Spotify:

  1. Prerequisite for a group playlist first is the application of a conventional playlist in Spotify. This can be recreated, alternatively, a existing list be released for multiple people to edit.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the corresponding playlist.
  3. Now choose from the menu "Common playlist". The playlist is marked with this symbol:spotify-playlist-together
  4. Now you have this playlist yet with appropriate persons divide, are to access it and add their own songs desires.
  5. The respective Spotify users will receive a message and a link to the shared playlist.
  6. Participants can access the list about "consequences".
  7. Now all added people can add new songs and of course listen to all the songs previously available.

Spotify: Create shared playlist - Here's

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Even with the app can create a shared playlist in Spotify. How it works with the iPhone or iPad:

  1. Selects the "Library" option (iPhone) or "your music" (iPad).
  2. Here you choose the field "Playlists".
  3. Controls the three points to open the options.
  4. Here we find the button "When, together to share '."

On the Android smartphone or tablet to find the library on the button with the three strokes. Selects the "Playlists" here, and controls here on the three-point button for the options. now here you can the playlist as "Together" in Spotify set. As in the desktop version you have the playlist Share in the apps to access your friends to it. Alternatively, fans can also search the playlist name and then follow this.

We show you also how to use Spotify offline and how you can use a family account with up to five people.

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