RDP port Port find and change!

it is possible using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access a Windows PC to another, which is not in the same network. This can be helpful, for example in case of technical problems. But in order to have access to the remote desktop, it is necessary that the port has been activated in the router. 

RDP port Port find and change!

What RDP port uses Remote Desktop Protocol by default?

If you want to access a computer via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), must be in the router of the computer being 3389 be enabled. Picks it to the router and adds a port forwarding for this port to (of course the network of the target computer). But beware! Just this port is often hit by malware; So when it is open, it can be a security risk. So you should change, at best, the port that is accessed from the remote computer to the local computer via the. For that you have the RPD port in Windows Change (see below). Do not forget that then the router this modified port must be released.

If you used on the PC a software firewall and despite port forwarding in the router, the connection is unsuccessful, the problem may be due to this firewall. the corresponding port may need to be released here.

RDP port: To establish the connection between two computers, the correct port must be enabled.RDP port: To establish the connection between two computers, the correct port must be enabled.Start Photogallery(10 images)Which motherboard I have? find out the motherboard!

How can I change the RDP port?

To change the port for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is fortunately not rocket science:

  1. Opens for the Registry the computer. How do you do that, we have summarized in a detailed explanation for you: Regedit.exe &# 8211; What's this?
  2. Navigate now to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control >terminal server > WinStations > RDP-Tcp.

    Hidden deep in the registry: the entry for RDP portHidden deep in the registry: the entry for RDP port

  3. RDP Port is here first in hexadecimal displayed.
  4. Click on decimal and give the desired port number.
  5. You also can simply use in hexadecimal the Windows Calculator to convert from decimal.
  6. restart computer and the new RDP port should be used.
  7. Do not forget to enter the new port on the accessing computer: :

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