Days Gone: The is in the zombie open world for the PS4 (E3 2016)

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Yet another zombie game? Well, sort of, but not quite: What does this newly announced PS4 game Days Gone is exactly and how it has pleased us in the first impression, we say to you in the preview, we brought back from E3 2016th

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What I like about Days Gone:

In the first trailer during the Sony press conference Days Gone gave the impression that behind the game's more that we saw later in the gameplay than the pure zombie banging. The developers confirmed in our E3 demo date that they lay with the game especially high value on a good story told. We get well in addition to the wide open world in the Pacific Northwest, we must explore Drifter Deacon St. John two years after a serious pandemic.

As a drifter and former gang member, the motorcycle is an important vehicle for Deacon. He uses not only to continue but also to get access to narrow areas. But the most unusual aspect is the possibility of being able to use as a backpack there. For example it is possible that Deacon stowed collected ammunition or objects in his motorcycle while pulling elsewhere in the fight against the enemy.


Speaking of opponents: As you can surely recognize the rich gameplay video, the battles are an important part of Days Gone. Which consist mainly of it to do great hordes of enemies, while we are running simultaneously away from them. When asked how many critters we have to expect, the team had no answer. However, they assured that the amount definitely is finite. One challenge is the whole thing anyway, because we should be able to definitely run away not just from the opponents. While we shoot them, we must also include the environment by short quick-time events to slow the horde again and again.

The single enemy within that horde called the development team is not aware of zombies. The so-called Freakers are in fact not really be compared with them. Unlike zombies Freakers still alive. They are not stupid, but feature last flashbacks to their lives before the pandemic. On the one hand an aspect that happen again in the story of the game. On the other hand a wonderful explanation of the promises of the team in terms of KI: The Freaker hordes can be slow, but learn relatively quickly to do so. They would never let go of you because you blocked their way. Instead they seek constant a wiser way to grab Deacon.

Days Gone Trailer

The mixture of these elements &# 8211; a profound story about the human condition, the clever AI and an open world that can explore via motorcycle - looks excellent.

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What I did not like to Days Gone:

With exactly this mixture of elements it will have Days Gone difficult, however, not to become an open-world zombie pabulum. If the Freakers be noticeably smarter than zombies and the reflected in the gameplay, the game has a good chance to stand out from other titles. These then also the story would have around everything Deacon lost, really touching and telling something new that we have not heard in this setting thousand times.

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