Music Cut & amp; Edit audio tracks – Audacity Beginner’s Guide

To cut music, you can take advantage of the comprehensive and free program Audacity. but this can not only cut your audio files down to the millisecond, but also mix different audio tracks, remove uncleanliness, and add effects. For this purpose one must first master the basics of the program. In this guide we will show you how you can cut it with Audacity your music pieces.

4534Audacity features

Whether its your own music together cut, edit a voice message for friends or want to digitize your old records and tapes: With Audacity can arrange it your own music, error out, trimming overhanging second or separate different songs from each other.

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts &# 8211; Audacity Basics

Before you learn cutting into Audacity, you should memorize you the following key combinations. This facilitate you the average work many times, as you so do not always switch between the different tools and menus and must herwechseln. Many of the shortcuts are you sure known already by the use of other programs such as the Office applications or the browser.

Ctrl + scroll wheel up / Ctrl + 1Zoom In / Zoom
Ctrl + 2normal view
Ctrl + scroll down / Ctrl + 3Zoom In / Zoom Out
Ctrl + Iseparate sound file
Ctrl + Xcut out
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VInsert
Ctrl + Dinsert into new soundtrack
Ctrl + K / DeleteErase
Ctrl + SSave project
Ctrl + ZCancel
space barPlay / Stop

cut music &# 8211; Audacity Basics

The music cut with Audacity is simple. Nevertheless, brings blunt drauflos snip rarely the desired results. That's why you should the site to be cut once make up exactly and zoom in accordingly. How can you cut with Audacity music, we will tell you in the following step-by-step guide based on a longer pause (see picture) in an audio file that we want to remove.

Audacity cut break

  1. First, we move our cursor over the spot that we want to cut later and zoom in highly Ctrl + scroll wheel. By the pointer targeting point the focus remains.
  2. When we are close enough to cut precisely, we mark the spot. We do this by looking at them until the end of the break, select from the beginning with held left-click.
    Mark cut Audacity
  3. Now press the space bar to listen to you the point. So you listen to the place and you can be sure that you cut off any sounds that should remain available.
  4. When the site was marked correctly, you can now with the Delete key to delete the selected piece.
    If you want to keep the section, but want to pack to another location of the audio file, you use the key combination Ctrl + X to cut them only.

Edit tracks & move &# 8211; Audacity Basics

Of course you can also self-generate a break, this is for example useful if you work with multiple audio tracks, which are not to overlap (in certain places). As an example, we have chosen a situation here in which a second soundtrack is to run without overlapping in the middle of a first track (see picture).

Move cut Audacity

  1. Click the Selection tool in the place where you want to split the first audio track. Proceeds as the music cut above explained before with the Zoom and Preview.
  2. Sets a cut by her press Ctrl + i.
  3. Now choose the Pan tool from the toolbar (above).
    Audacity cutting tools
  4. Now you can freely move the individual audio blocks. On the yellow marker line you realize that a block of clay begins right where other stops (see picture).
    move Audacity

If you want to save them as MP3s your finished edited program now, we also have the right guide for you: Audacity &# 8211; save files as MP3s. Who hears a noise in the audio recording or his music file, it can also suppress with Audacity, read this following: Audacity &# 8211; remove noise.


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