format external hard disk and partition in just 10 minutes

We have already explained elsewhere, as you can format an external hard drive on Mac OS X, here is the long-awaited guide on how you can accomplish on the PC under Windows that. Grants you 10 minutes time, for longer this will not last.

format external hard disk and partition in just 10 minutes

The formatting and partitioning an external science is not rocket science. In a few steps we have told you how you need to proceed.

format external hard drive in Windows

To format your external hard drive in Windows, it does the following:

  1. Infected external hard drive via USB connector to your PC
  2. Make your way to the Control Panel
  3. Now follow the path management > Computer Management (display: symbols)
  4. Selects the new window on the left side Disk Management
  5. In the right window, you see all available hard disks and partitions
  6. Selects the external hard drive
  7. Now you can either reformat or partition (infra), finished!

format external hard drive

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partition external hard drive

Silk reached her seventh point of our guidance, you can check out in addition to the formatting process now also choose to divide the space on your external hard drive, so to partition. For this, you do the following:

  1. Followed by item 7 the instructions above
  2. Performs a right-click in the Disk Management on the external hard drive
  3. Selects here the command Shrink Volume
  4. Determines the degree of MB in order to want to reduce it the first partition, the rest is later further partition available
  5. Selects the unallocated space with a right-click and selects New Simple Volume
  6. Follow the instructions in the wizard format until you come to the window partition
  7. Determined here that the partition as NTFS file system to format

Using tools such as the free Fat32Formatter you can convert the partition in FAT32 system, if you wish.



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