WhatsApp: contacts gone? This can be done

End of February the makers of WhatsApp have released a major update which completely rearranging the status functions. With the update, there are some side effects. Thus, the contact list is suddenly no longer visible.

Find out here what you can do if the list of WhatsApp contacts is gone and how you can still access the overview of your friends.

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WhatsApp: gone list - one finds all friends again

now are the entries "Status", "Calls", "camera", "chat" and "Settings" in the menu bar. The overview of the contacts, however, disappeared. You want to see your contact list in the latest WhatsApp version to start a new conversation goes as follows:

  1. Opens over the speech bubble icon option for a new chat.
  2. In this way, you can contact list including the profile pictures See your contacts. This works both WhatsApp on Android and iPhone as well as WhatsApp Web on the PC and Mac.
  3. However, at this point is no longer as in the past, the old, known WhatsApp status to see in writing. This view has been turned off in the most recent update.
  4. Once the selected contact has been written, the conversation is visible in the overview under "Chats".
WhatsApp: contacts gone? This can be doneSo the new interface looks at WhatsApp.

One way to view the old list, there is not. Remains to be seen whether the makers of the app to respond to the feedback from users who complain that the list has disappeared from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: New status there, old list away

The newly introduced State feature WhatsApp would launch an attack on Snapchat. Now it is possible not only to reflect a status in text form, but to enrich these with photos or videos. In addition, the new WhatsApp status as Snapchat is transient and can be replaced by an update after 24 hours. The feature reminiscent of the "Snapchat Stories".

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