Warcraft: The Beginning in the stream to see & amp; today is the DVD release

Warcraft: The Beginning, Blizzard's first feature film gives off properly &# 8211; more than 400 million dollars have been met and if the trend continues like this successful, there is hopefully a second part. Who was not in the cinema, this should catch up quickly, who instead look at home, can from now on DVD & Blu-ray fall back. 

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In computer game adaptations one thinks of Uwe Boll and his film adaptations of Alone in the Dark, Dungeon Siege or relatively successful Postal. But the genre has brought with Silent Hill, Tomb Raider or the coming in December Assassin Creed also more imposing works out. Warcraft: The Beginning, however, has in recent weeks for successful game film of all time and has thus Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time dethroned. This is particularly pleasing as the film prior to publication was mainly produces evil &# 8211; But the fan base was absolutely rely &# 8211; not only in China.

Warcraft: The Beginning see in the stream

The wait is over, from now on you can Warcraft: Watch The Beginning in the home theater. Basically, one can safely argue about whether it is still appropriate to wait for the release of home theater versions and online stream for as long as most people but then use the half or illegal offers. Ultimately goes some lost money at this point &# 8211; perhaps the rental companies to think in this regard soon.

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Warcraft: The Beginning: Release of the DVD & Blu-ray and legal online stream

  • The DVD is released, as announced today, on September 29 and can be ordered.
  • Even the legal online streaming You can watch on various portals, unfortunately, at any provider been in the flat rate. You can find Warcraft but with iTunes, Wuaki, Google Play, Videoload, Sony, JUKE, CHILI & Amazon *Warcraft: The Beginning in the stream to see & amp; today is the DVD release.

Warcraft: The Beginning - DVD & Order Blu-ray now*

Have you actually already discovered all the hidden Easter Eggs in Warcraft?

Images: Via Amazon.com *Warcraft: The Beginning in the stream to see & amp; today is the DVD release

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