Chromecast DAZN transferred finally possible on TV

Sports fans get from the summer of 2016 DAZN a sumptuous selection of live broadcasts into the house. The sporting events come via online stream on the screen. Playback is possible on a PC with the appropriate apps but also on the smartphone, tablet or a PS4. Now you can also stream content from DAZN Chromecast.

Long Sports enthusiasts will have to wait, but now DAZN is available on Chromecast.

Chromecast at Media Markt*

DAZN now with Chromecast Support

With the HDMI stick you get live sports like football from the "Premier League", but other sports, including games of the NHL, NBA or MLB to the screen. To see DAZN Chromecast, you need the DAZN app on the smartphone or tablet or starts the stream in the browser on the PC. You can then transfer the transfer from the device to the TV with a bandaged Chromecast stick on the "Mirror" button in the app. Also Chromecast is the image in HD Quality played. If the transfer with you do not work, you apply directly to the DAZN support.

live-sport-iStock-475497494Thanks Chromecast can enjoy DAZN on the big screen.

DAZN about Chromecast app

Prerequisite for the transfer of DAZN on Chromecast is the latest version of the app. After the update, the app can be found in the upper right corner of the Chrome Cast button. Once selected, the connection between the mobile device and stick is made to bring the image on the TV. Remains to be seen whether or when you subsequently files an AirPlay support in DAZN. For several weeks DAZN is also available on the PlayStation. 4

With the Chromecast stick you can watch programs from the Internet and transfer screen images from the smartphone to the big screen TV also to non-smart TV devices - either locally from your phone memory, or from the network. The streaming service DAZN already playing with a lavish sports facilities, for the future of the acquisition of additional licenses is planned. In the race for the rights of the "Champions League" DAZN is still happening ,. In the last summer break we grabbed the pay-TV broadcaster Sky away the coveted football rights for the English "Premier League".

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