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File formats still represent a problem. Everyone do their own thing. If you get a Word DOCX file, then you can easily convert the still into DOC format. We present the options.

Word DOCX convert DOC - klappts so

If large programs to develop and offer new features, then that is usually associated with a change in the data format. If it is not possible that all versions of a program can read the new data, then that is a big step. And that often means that users of older versions at a disadvantage.

So that was when trying to establish its own standard called Office Open XML in 2007 Microsoft. And to make the whole hog, the default format was changed and from then on the office suite software vendor stored mainly in this format. This has created equal number of problems. It started with the fact that all owners of older versions were not able to open the files. Also, users with other programs that could easily read up to that Word files had now so difficult. For users of older versions of the program, at least Microsoft asked a help. There is for example a DOXC Office Plugin Microsoft, with which these users open the new format, edit and save.

The manufacturers of the other programs, such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice had to find out through intensive format analyzes how the new format worked. Microsoft has not documented namely the standard open, even if it is called Office Open XML. Instead, they demanded royalties from anyone who wanted to get the specifications.

convert DOCX to DOC, open, save

The easiest way to convert a document in DOCX format in the older DOC, continues to offer Word itself. All versions since 2007 dominate the format and are of course backwards compatible. So if you open such a file there, they can be with the Word command &# 8220; Save&# 8221; also easily take in an older format.

docx doc Saveto convert DOCX to DOC is easiest in Word itself

In addition to many different file formats, including the latest version of Word still has the storage in the old .doc format. Though &# 8220; complained&# 8221; Word is then sometimes that some features of the file can be transferred to the old format not, but that is at best before during intensive use script. And then you should anyway best to use the same version of both users.

Because this kind of backward compatibility still has inventory, you can also use older versions of Word, if you want to convert DOCX to DOC. The trick is to first install the Office plug-in from Microsoft and open the file afterwards. Now you can also save them with this version in the old file format.

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