iZombie Season 4: When is the launch on Netflix?

Since April 4, 2017, the third season of the US series iZombie on American screens running. Although there is still no start date for the German broadcasting, we ask at this point, as the chances of a further, fourth season are.

iZombie is a good mix of comedy, thriller and horror: Rose McIver plays Liv Moore assumes a zombie of after eating brains not only the ability of the brain previous owner, but also their memory. Leveraging these skills and Liv as a medical examiner and solves a murder case after another.

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iZombie Season 4: Does the series into overtime?

Let us consider again the odds of the US broadcast of Season at:

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Overall, the rates have gone down slightly, but there can be no radical descent are detected. This stability rewarded the channel The CW, which is responsible for broadcast in the States, with the Production of a fourth season. It also seems to be no matter that the odds are less than one million, which they have not always done: The pilot episode looked at 17.3.2015 was still 2,286,000 people. The first episode of the second season then pursued only 1.53 million households.

was also announced that the fourth season as already Season 1 and 3 from 13 episodes will exist.

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The wait can be bridged with the Blu-ray the first season:

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iZombie Season 4: When is the launch in Germany?

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An official start date has not been announced until now - neither the US nor Germany. Unfortunately, the recent air dates have such an irregular distance that one can not draw any conclusions for Season 4th One can speculate maximum that the series in the US spring 2018 appears to us then nine months later. If there is official information about the Star date, we inform you at this point.


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