Vodafone hotline – customer reach (phone number, e-mail, fax, postal address, contact)

In the Vodafone hotline to answer all of you questions about wireless and wireline products and the DSL and TV connection or help you with problems with your smartphone. As you can reach the customer service from Vodafone via phone, chat, mail, mail, and as a business customer, you can find out here.

The British mobile phone company Vodafone Group sells under the brand name Vodafone as the second largest mobile communications provider and prepaid mobile contracts as well as DSL, LTE, fixed telephony and IPTV - including smartphones and tablets. The Vodafone Hotline stands with any problems or have any questions you are available. A distinction is made between:

Customer service to mobile or DSL0800 172 1212
Customer service CallyYa fare0172 229 0 229
Contact for cable products0800 72 42 643

The Vodafone contact form found here: Support Contact *. then selects &Email; # 8220&# 8221; and optionally the corresponding category.

To contact form*

418486German mobile networks

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Vodafone Hotline: Customer service to mobile or DSL (free)

Vodafone hotline customers

If you have a mobile or DSL contract with Vodafone, you look over here. You can reach the hotline 24 hours a day as follows:

  • calls the 1212 free from the German Vodafone network.
  • Gets alternatively 0800 172 1212 free from all other German networks.
  • Calls from abroad under the +49 172 12 172 12 at. Here, your foreign price of your Tariff.
  • Fax: 02102 98 65 75

If you desire a sales support, can request their personal advice. Product advice or orders can you the freephone 0800 72 42 600 give up.

Tip: call 0800 numbers for free &# 8211; also on phone?

Vodafone hotline for CallYa tariff

If you use a CallYa tariff of Vodafone, you reach the competent Hotline around the clock:

  • In Germany you choose the 0172 229 0 229.
  • From abroad you call the +49,172,229 0 229 at. Here the telephone price of your international rate applies.

In addition, it offers not only Vodafone Hotline plenty of alternative ways to contact the customer by the provider: Chat, email, fax, mail and more. 

Vodafone support for cable products (cable Germany)

Cable Germany also belongs to Vodafone and will disappear as a brand.Cable Germany also belongs to Vodafone and will disappear as a brand.

If you are still a customer of cable Germany, you should take even the most contact with the seller. For example, using the contactVodafone hotline - customer reach (phone number, e-mail, fax, postal address, contact):

  1. Here you can type in the Answer Wizard, a slogan about &# 8220; DSL disorder&# 8221 ;, and you to your problem &# 8220; hangeln&# 8221 ;. The right Hotline will be shown under the respective problem.
  2. By clicking on the small arrow above her right resets the Answer Wizard.
  3. Alternatively, you can call or e-mail, if you want your problem rather describe directly.

If you want to make a product recommendation or order to cable products, calls the 0800 72 42 643 at.

With the Vodafone-Help Wizard you get shown the correct hotline after you search for your problem.With the Vodafone-Help Wizard you get shown the correct hotline after you search for your problem.

Vodafone D2 network tariffs at a glance*Low fares in the D1 network Congstar*

Business customer hotline: support number for business customers, self-employed

Business Vodafone customers call with questions or problems at the Vodafone business team. As a business customer you get from Vodafone next free support over the phone to request individual advice, for example, framework contracts or billing questions. Do you want another product or service order or terminate, you can also do that through customer service.

New customers: enterprises, self-employed, government - phone, email, fax, contact

New customers can at the following number to obtain an offer:

  • Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 (except holidays): 0800 503 50 22
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Fax: 0800 723 62 39
  • Contact form*Vodafone hotline - customer reach (phone number, e-mail, fax, postal address, contact) self-employed.

existing customers

Existing customers use our hotline:

  • Daily from 0 to 24: Free at 0172 1234 and 0800 172 1234
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Fax: 02102 98 65 75
  • Mailing address:
    Vodafone GmbH
    Vodafone Business Team
    D-40875 Ratingen

More information on the business customer contact with Vodafone you get on the official website *.

Vodafone Hotline: Customer Service via chat, mail, forum

Who does not want to beat by the number of Vodafone hotlines or achieved no one can contact the customer service via other routes.

  • The contact for private customers. *
  • In the customer forum of Vodafone * you can advise you by other customers and can help.
  • Store Locator * for on-site consultation.
  • The Glossary * certain technical terms are explained.
  • By post their Vodafone achieved here:
    Vodafone GmbH
    Vodafone Business Team
    D-40875 Ratingen

Vodafone Supprt is therefore very well structured with its hotline. Makes you advance in which category you thought you have questions or problems and then calls the appropriate phone number. For e-mail inquiries you have usually a few days processing time schedule because the service team can sometimes be very busy, especially when large-scale failures and problems, then since many people simultaneously call and ask.


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