Star Wars 1313: maker breaks silence on the end of the development

The gameplay scenes from Star Wars 1313 5 years old, the game now canceled and still is the once highly ambitious titles on everyone's lips. Reason provides designer Matthias Worch who writes about the history and the end of Star Wars 1313th 

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At E3 2012 gameplay scenes of Star Wars in 1313 were shown the enthusiastic almost everyone. With the purchase of LucasArts Studios by Disney, the project was shelved. Now designer Matthias Worch expresses himself via Twitter on the history of the promising title, which will no longer see the light of the world.

Reason for the many tweets is Jason Schreiers book Blood, Sweat, and pixel in which the video game journalist goes behind the scenes of the video game development. In this book, Schreier also devotes Star Wars in 1313, leading to Matthias Worchs tweets. Worch writes that the book shows how hard, complex and personal, it is called "Creator". Actually, he never wanted to give up his silence on behind-the-scenes reports, but sometimes one must break traditions:

"Maybe my personal life experience that I've previously not publicly shared, illuminate life in game development a bit more. I was not in the office when Disney acquired Lucas October 30, 2012th I got a text message, as I sat in the hospital waiting for my wife. I was deep in the SW1313-pre-production, we were there for a routine ultrasound early to our second baby. The Disney thing caused us wrinkles. Especially when a little later the ultrasound showed not only the heartbeat of the baby, but of twins. It feels a bit like as if you are drowning, and someone hands you a baby.

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to develop video games is a constant battle against insecurity. Anyway, that will bring about no self-pity or recognition. I'm not here to describe actual hardness. But it is important to try to state the following: Where do you see a finished game, a game developer looks a lot more. Where do you see a very cool Star Wars game that was canceled tragically, my memories are more involved in it and my thoughts about the last months of SW1313 development not only memories of a game that it could have been. "

Each game developers have such personal stories, but Worch wants to make clear that the players next time might think of those whose lives have dedicated themselves to the game:

natural "This applies to 100% for non-game developers. Life experiences shape our memories. "

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At the same time Worch also reminiscent of the beautiful last month from Star Wars: 1313 in which Obama won his re-election campaign or the game was getting better. In the end, everything turned out well for him. After Star Wars in 1313 he developed in mafia. 3. Finally, he has a group picture of the Star Wars tweeted 1313 development team:



Although Star Wars has been completely set in 1313, but fans of the space saga can look forward to Star Wars Battlefront 2 The new part of the space shooter will appear on 17 November 2017th


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