Sync Android with Outlook – how it works!

Unfortunately, Android offers innately no way to synchronize data with Outlook. But some manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC or LG offer it to free software. What tools you need for synchronization and how do you apply this, we show you in this guide.

Who wants to manage in his Microsoft Outlook contacts and appointments, and access them via its Android smartphone or tablet, is facing a real problem. Because we know that Android is by Google while Outlook is an application from Microsoft. How to sync your Outlook calendar with your phone and can take over as their Android contacts, learn it below.

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Sync Android with Outlook: Manual Procedure

All data stored on an Android device can be synchronized with Google services known. Thus, it is possible to synchronize Outlook data like the calendar on your Android phone. Exported your contacts in Outlook Simply into a text file and import it into your Gmail account. Starts to Outlook and selects the menu &# 8220; file&# 8221; the option &# 8220; Export to a File&# 8221; and subsequently &# 8220; Comma Separated Values ​​(Windows)&# 8221 ;.

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  • then selects the contacts folder and saves it as a CSV text file.
  • Get in touch then selects in your Google Mail account &Contacts; # 8220&# 8221; -> &# 8220; More&# 8221; -> &Import; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Then you can upload a CSV file.

In the same way, calendar, notes and tasks can be exported from Outlook. The only drawback: In this way, data can not keep in sync and with frequently changing or new contacts, this method is rather cumbersome.

Samsung Kies: Synchronize with Outlook

Should you use a smartphone Samsung out of the house, you can for synchronization for proprietary application &# 8220; Samsung Kies&# 8221; to grab. Gravel is you both for Mac and Windows free to download. The software not only enables the synchronization of appointments and contacts or individual contact groups, but also the comparison of such as photos or music. The catch: The program hooked like, especially in the 64-bit version of Windows 7. In addition, some data will be doubled and not automatically dial the most recent entry. So accumulates all sorts of unnecessary spurious data can be erased only with difficulty.

HTC Sync Manager: Android synchronize with Outlook

with the HTC Sync Manager also HTC offers a free software for data synchronization. This application is also to be transmitted in a position, contacts, calendars, text messages, photos, videos and Co.. Who else is in possession of a slightly older device such as the Magic or the Desire HD, you have the software &# 8220; HTC Sync&# 8221; to grab.

synchronize Outlookto synchronize Outlook contacts and appointments with Android, is only indirectly.

Outlook and Google Calendar Sync

Looking to her a free software that synchronizes your Outlook data, can you also draw to Google Calendar Sync. The application synchronizes your appointments between Outlook and Google Calendar. The dates collected several times reconciled daily and ye can simply import from the Calendar in your Android smartphone.

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