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Jennifer Lopez is seen in an unfamiliar role from September in German Free-TV. Played the singer / actress earlier primarily in romantic comedies, she slips into the blue uniform of American policemen and plays a detective of NYPD. If you do not want to miss the new crime series, here you get all the information on the Shades of Blue Stream.

That sounds like an honorable task for La Lopez, who plays single mother and Detective Harlee Santos. However, it is not the Sauber woman we know otherwise in this case. Harlee Santos is how the rest of their colleagues at the station, corrupt. For the young mother has money problems.

When she is caught by the FBI, they will be recognized for their colleagues. Harlee must join in order to avoid a prison sentence. Were it not a problem. Your supervisor Bill Wozniak (Ray Liotta) is like a father to her, and the whole troop of the guard a kind of substitute family. Their own impunity, however, would mean that their 17-year-old daughter can lead a better life. How Harlee will decide?

See here the trailer for Season 1:

2252Shades of Blue - Promo

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where running &# 8220; Shades of Blue&# 8221; in the stream?

  • "Shades of Blue" You can watch a live stream of Magine * ye separate TV starting from autumn. If you can not use your home computer Magine is also available as app for your iPhone *Shades of Blue Stream Where runs the show online?, your iPad or your Android devices.
  • Also, you can look at you all consignments of RTL to broadcast again on RTL Now. Here you can find all shipment up to 30 days after TV broadcasting. The service is free.

Otherwise you "Shades of Blue" Season 1 is currently to the following services:

  • Amazon Instant Video *Shades of Blue Stream Where runs the show online?
  • iTunes *Shades of Blue Stream Where runs the show online?

Here you've got to buy the first season, however. All episodes are currently only available in English only.

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