What’s rSAP and how is it used?

The connection means rSAP (actually SAP) is used to make draw a permanently installed car phone to the SIM card of a mobile phone. What benefits has and how it is done, we explain here.

rSAP is the unofficial name to "remote" in the symbol accommodate the English term. The issue is ultimately about from afar ( "remote") to the data and permissions of a different SIM card access to use them to make phone calls or access the Internet. Actually called the standard SAP and stands for "SIM Access Profile."

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What is rSAP used?

As already indicated, it is about the connection of built-phones with the SIM card of mobile phones. This is to connect via Bluetooth.

The main advantage is that the permanently installed device - for example, a car phone - does not require a SIM card. So you are in driving distance on the same mobile number, but can rely on better reception and transmission properties.

rSAP sim cardWhether rSAP works is a question of the phone, not the SIM!

A set of car manufacturers have already installed this technology or offer it as an option for retrofitting. Many modern mobile phones also support the standard, such as all models of the Samsung Galaxy series. iPhones currently still not rSAP capable of! Who wants to know if his phone is rSAP able to should device specifications See its manufacturer exactly. There he will find it in the Bluetooth must However, look to SAP!

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Advantages and disadvantages of rSAP

By rSAP you are always reachable at this number, even if you actually used the SIM via Bluetooth with a car phone. That sounds a like a great benefit, but the days of double SIM cards, no real advantage.

A real advantage if you have no other SIM card, the performance difference between a mobile and a fixed installed car phone. In mobile phones it comes while driving back to disturbances. Are minimized for fixed devices because cope better a powerful outdoor antenna in combination with powerful receiver and transmitter components here.

Many modern Android devices have rSAP. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Here is an overview of the lowest prices&# 8230;

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However, the technique also has disadvantages. It is not possible at rSAP standard that both devices operate simultaneously with the SIM. During the connection, the mobile phone so it runs in stand-by and that means that there is no SMS or WhatsApp messages can be received! Incoming SMS land in the car phone and are only available there even after the write-off of the phone. If you use the phone for navigation, then the Internet access is not working. So there is no traffic jams still camera alerts. Basically you can with this technique only what a SIM always was: send calls and SMS.

However, there is some time just too car phones and built-in monitors with Internet capabilities. Then the Bluetooth profile rSAP is used to get the cars to the Internet easily. But then everything ends up in the car and not in the dormant cell phone!

Fixed car phones are practical, but given the fact that the rSAP technique does not work with all phones, you should buy a separate SIM card to them yet. This is technically not a big deal nowadays more and get many contracts free or for a small additional fee.

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