Watch Dogs 2: All trophies and achievements – Guide to 100%

In Watch Dogs 2 you do this time San Francisco uncertain and chop everything and everyone in the bustling metropolis. In your struggle against the all-powerful operating system CTOs their turns doing a lot of trophies and achievements. Our guide with all the Achievements, we show you all activation conditions with helpful videos.

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many of the Achievements and Trophies in Watch Dogs 2 gets her for the completion of various hacker operations of the grouping DedSec. In addition to these, there are also Achievements, which make a bit more tricky. In our guide, we bring you therefore safe to 100%. If you are still undecided as to whether you want to bring you this open-world adventure, throw a look into the extensive editions of watchdogs. 2

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Watch Dogs 2: Trophies and achievements at a glance

Overall, you can in the game 49 Achievements (50 Trophies unlock 4) on the PlayStation. Here you will receive among other things, Achievements for participation in the various races with eKarts, drones, motorcycles and sailboats. Also for the secret off of enemies or photographing various attractions of the city it hails successes. All Trophies with their activation conditions Files you see in the following table.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret trophies and achievements in a separate table below.
graduation daygraduation day-platinum
Deserves every trophy.
who am IWho am I?gamer core 10bronze2
You have deleted your former identity of the flower servers.
pull-you-ne-damn-pants-onPut on &# 8216; a fucking trousersgamer core 10bronze2
You bought after the party pants.
threatthreatgamer core 15bronze2
You have a two-handed weapon at 3D printer bought.
styloStylogamer core 20bronze2
You have the "Krokos wine (s)" - shoes bought.

The pink crocs can you buy in Oakland in Plain Stick Store. You can find them here in the category &# 8220; Shoes&# 8221; and they cost you $ 65th

3157Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "Stylo"
dedsec-a-roniDedSec-A-Ronigamer core 10bronze2
You are driven by a tram.
only God can Judge MeOnly God can Judge Megamer core 10bronze2
You have a shirt on Nudle vending machines bought.

Buys you any shirt in Nudle store in Silicon Valley. They each cost only $ 5.

355Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "Only God can Judge Me"
dog countrydogs countrygamer core 10bronze2
You stroked 10 dogs.
photo bomberPhotobomber!gamer core 10bronze2
You made a selfie while someone mixed into the picture.

Seek out a sidewalk with many passers-by and then pulls out your cell phone camera. Tried one of the passers-by in the background on the image to get, so they eventually make a pose. At that moment you just need to press the shutter button. If you are lucky, you get to equal the success &# 8220; holding my hair&# 8221; a passer-by who throws up in the background.

501Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "photobomber"
a-Ride unforgettableAn unforgettable ridegamer core 10bronze2
You are driven by a unique vehicles.

Rises in a unique vehicle, to this success unlock. The location of such a car you see in the following video.

3937Watch Dogs 2: Unique vehicle "Ice Cube" - locality
bad-fingerbad fingergamer core 10bronze2
You have stolen a ship.
wheeled-CoasterSet of wheelsgamer core 10bronze2
You have stolen a bus.
You collected every hidden in the world nuclear data.
slick-criminalslick criminalgamer core 15bronze2
You have escaped during a crime of Stage 5th

Ensures orderly chaos in the streets of San Francisco until you Crime level 5 reached. then flees with a fast vehicle like a motorcycle through the many parking garages and closes the gates behind you. The following video shows you a good place for success.

837Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "slick criminal"
mini-road tripMini Road Trip!gamer core 10bronze2
You're driving around with the Merengue by Elek motor 4 km in the world.

Of the Merengue is a small electric car, which in its Total motor you can buy for $ 43,125. Ride followed by 4 km by car and then hold on, so that the trophy will unlock.

591Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "Mini Road Trip"
I-do-you-koI do whacked yougamer core 10bronze2
You kill 30 enemies in secret.
spring-aroundSpring aroundgamer core 15bronze2
You made a 140-meter jump, while you are driving in a vehicle.

In the following video we show you a good jump, in her good one 140 meter long jump can be completed. Take it one of the best fast bike, to provide the necessary build up speed. Did you continue to have problems, the investment research points recommended in the ability &# 8220; motor override&# 8221; for a speed boost.

2714Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "Spring around"
shock-you-the-wasserhoerner-offShock you water from hornsgamer core 10bronze2
You have taken part in a sailboat race.
robot-meisterRobot Meistergamer core-5bronze2
You have chopped a robot.
All good things come in threesAll good things come in threesgamer core 10bronze2
You've made in a vehicle three jumps in a row.
hold-my-hairHolding my hairgamer core 10bronze2
You have photographed someone who vomits.
let-me-by-driveLet me drive megamer core 20bronze2
You have covered 200 meters on a car by you have it hacked.

For this success, first you need the ability &# 8220; direction-Hack&# 8221;, to even be able to hack cars. Provides then drive you to the roof of a vehicle and let it forward until you have 200 meters traveled.

357Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "Let me drive me"
member-of-courseMember of the Ganggamer core 10bronze2
You have completed 5 DedSec events.
born-killerborn killergamer core 10bronze2
You have neutralized a hunter in bounty hunter mode.
tu-them-not hurt-marcusDo not do them hurt, Marcusgamer core 10bronze2
You have successfully neutralized five fugitives in bounty hunter mode.
hold my handHold my handgamer core 10bronze2
You have successfully completed an online co-op operation.
eating noisefeeding frenzygamer core 10bronze2
You have "call police" the hack used in men in the donut costume in Haight-Ashbury.

The man in the donut costume can be found only in the daytime on Tie Dye Dude stand to the west of San Francisco. For success you need the ability &# 8220; search: Suspect found&# 8221;, so that you can fix it on the police. Do not forget before also to make even a selfie with him in order to the appropriate ScoutX image can unlock before the arrest.

1204Watch Dogs 2: Achievement Guide "feeding frenzy"
toddledtoddledgamer core 10bronze2
You have successfully penetrated by another hacker.
knips alarmKnips alarmgamer core 15bronze2
You made 25 ScoutX images of places.
one-man garageOne-man garagegamer core 20bronze2
You bought 25 cars at auto dealers.
pimp-my-ecartPimp my EKARTgamer core 10bronze2
You obtained all EKART upgrades.
app-drivenApp-drivengamer core-5bronze2
You bought all apps in the App Store.
I-come-much-aroundI come around a lotgamer core 10bronze2
You have participated in a drone race.
bike tourbike ridegamer core 10bronze2
You have participated in a bike race.
Member-at-mile-high clubMember of the Mile-High Clubgamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: hoe di3 world complete.
I-have-your-money-babyI have your money, babygamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: completed Wrong profit.
cyber-actionCyber ​​Actiongamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: Completed Cyber ​​Driver.
Home Sweet HomeTrautes Haum happiness alonegamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: Haum Sweet Haum completed.
You have surgery: complete defeat Nudle.
all-lawfulAll lawfulgamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: $ 112 complete.
You have surgery: complete Beob4chtet.
old-school justiceOld-school justicegamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: eye for an eye completed.
You have surgery: complete hacker war.
every vote countsEvery vote countsgamerscore-40silber2
You have Operation: All power to the people finished.
the-tiny-spiderThe tiny spidergamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: complete robot war.
you-are-on-a-shipYou are on a ship!gamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: Shanghai'd completed.

Watch Dogs 2: Secret trophies and achievements

the FoxThe Foxgamer core 20bronze2
You have surgery: complete shade.
bit by bitbit by bitgamerscore-40silber2
You have surgery: Completed Through the Looking Glass.
leaks-about-leaksLeaks about leaksgamer core 20bronze2
You have surgery: Ubi stolen completed.
hack-the-worldHoe the worldgamer core 50gold2
You have the hack of the century performed.

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