EDEKA advertising in 2015: Sad Grandpa at Christmas time in the video

EDEKA always manages to make talking with striking commercials from him. In the past, among other things, the "Super Geil" -Opa Friedrich Liechtenstein and Scooter frontman attended H. P. Baxxter in the EDEKA advertising for laughs. Quite different is the situation with the # come home advertising spot of EDEKA at Christmas, 2015.

EDEKA advertising in 2015: Sad Grandpa at Christmas time in the video

The advertising becomes quite grim. The photo shows an elderly gentleman, who is transferred by telephone from his family for Christmas. "We will not do it again this year," it is said of his family only by voicemail.

download free song - EDEKA advertising with Grandpa: #heimkommen

The sad old man sits alone at his table, but do not want to accept the loneliness. So he fakes his own death. Dutifully, the family now but makes his way to Opa to his alleged burial attend. but the grandpa of course perk, the funeral feast becomes a Christmas feast. "How else would I all should bring together?" Asks the old man. Within a few hours the video for advertising has now been accessed 4.5 million times, you can watch the whole Christmas Spot EDEKA here in the video.

edeka advertising-opa-2In the background a sad flavored piano song can be heard. The song is the track "Dad" Neele Ternes. This was specially produced for the EDEKA advertising at Christmas, 2015. The song for EDEKA advertising can you download on Soundcloud for free and legally.

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EDEKA Advertisements #heimkommen See the video

Behind the commercial EDEKA infected again the advertising agency "Jung von Matt". Shortly after the release caused the advertising of split opinions. Some criticize the "manipulative Opa", others find the commercial shows exactly "what really matters" is. Whatever one may think of the message this time EDEKA has scored another viral commercial.

In the last week, Jan Böhmermann made with the hip-hop parody "I've Police" talked about.


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