Twitch: New tool could end concerns of Streamer

Twitch has added another feature with the new update. But this agrees with the Streamer currently still. This involves the so-called raiding, which was often used in the past to bully Streamer public and disrupt their transmissions active.

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&# 8220; raiding&# 8221; it was announced on Twitch and Co., when audience members organize to storm the transmission of a streamer the same time. In the past, when Twitch was younger, this was often achieved through external forums. Several trolls gathered there to smaller streamers to &# 8220; invaded&bully # 8221 ;, and actively disrupt their transmission by their presence in the chat. To date, this occurs again and again, for example, when a streamer with another dispute has and the spectators turn on each other.

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But in the future, this will change, according to Twitch. So those in charge of the platform have now officially &# 8220; Raid feature&# 8221; installed by which a streamer can send his entire audience to another streamer. The audience then get a short fade, must agree and then download the stream of the target. Additionally, the first streamer hosting then the transmission of the second, so that more viewers can be supportive. For this is the positive aspect of Raiden: divide viewers.

Until now this was only possible by the streamer in the chat post a link to the next stream. With the new feature, it will now be much easier. Whether the RAID function in the future is also used really positive or some streamers thus mischief, will probably show. After all, the recipient of the raid will have the opportunity to open the chat only for their subscribers, thus taking away the platform trolls.


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