Snu snu: Meaning, origin and the best Memes

In the Internet culture we come again and again to expressions which are indeed read regularly, their significance, however, is not obvious at first glance. In forums, communities and especially on Memes, the term "Snu-Snu", especially in connection with the term "Death by Snu-Snu" is always to read.

What is the meaning of this "Snu-Snu"? And where does the expression?

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What does "Snu Snu"?

The term "Snu-Snu" can be seen especially on Memes showing scantily clad, but very muscular or large ladies. The cute-sounding expression is therefore in contrast to the content being shown.

  • Snu-snu is a euphemism for sexual intercourse.
  • The term goes back to the cult series "Futurama". Land there Fry and Co. in the first episode of the third season on a planet which is dominated by huge, strong women, the Amazons. The result is called "Amazons make Snu Snu" (in the original: "Amazon Women in the Mood").
  • The Amazons are males hostile to. Fry, Bender and Kif are captured by the Amazons and sentenced to death.
  • Death is intended to be caused by sex. The Amazons describe the sexual act as "Snu-Snu" on amazonian the death sentence is therefore "Death by Snu-Snu".


In some places one reads about South Park as the origin for &# 8220; Snu-Snu&# 8221 ;. However, this assumption is not correct. Origin of this assumption is the ninth episode of the fourteenth season of South Park. This is titled &It; # 8220&# 8217; s Jersey a Thing&# 8221 ;, starring, among others, the permissive nature &Snookie; # 8220&# 8221 ;, which permanently to &# 8220; Smush Smush&# 8221; is out.

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"Snu Snu": Memes Overview

Meanwhile, the term has become firmly established in the network language and is used with a wink, especially in Memes where very muscular or exceptionally large women are shown. Of course, here among many insulting and sexist pictures. Below you will find some sample Memes in which the term was used:

Do you want to get you the appropriate Futurama episode again in memory, you can watch the series with max cathedrals see in the Stream *Snu snu: Meaning, origin and the best Memes.

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