F1 2015: setups for all tracks and guide for download

F1 2015 you send Codemasters again this season on the Formula 1 tracks in the world. Especially in the online mode, it is next to the perfect driving style on an elaborate setup. The setups you can make adjustments and win such an important second in the race at various points of the Formula 1 vehicle.

F1 2015: setups for all tracks and guide for download

The settings allow you inter alia on the aerodynamic to screw the tire, suspension and weight distribution of the F1-vehicle.

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F1 2015 setup at a glance

Often you do not have time to make, but merely change some parameters major changes to the default setup. Usually the setup of their own driving behavior depends on, so you should find the right settings for you. In addition, it is advisable to select different setups for different teams in F1 2015, as the individual team vehicles differ in their driving behavior. On the web a large community has formed in the meantime, who shares his experiences with the best F1 2015 setup.

F1 2015: setups for all tracks and guide for download

Below you will find an overview of the correct settings, which you should make one game this season on routes in the formula. Noted here that another setup should be elected for a dry and wet road each.


Range Setup

Range Setup

Australia GPdrywet
Malaysia GPdrywet
China GPdrywet
Bahrain GPdrywet
Spain GPdrywet
Monaco GPdrywet
Canada GPdrywet
Austria GPdrywet
Great Britain GPdrywet
Hungary GPdrywet
Belgium GPdrywet
Italy GPdrywet
Singapore GPdrywet
Japan GPdrywet
Russia GPdrywet
United States GPdrywet
Mexico GPdrywet
Brazil GPdrywet
Abu Dhabi GPdrywet

 F1 2015 Setup: Guide download

Who wants to get a comprehensive overview of the various settings of the setup, you should take a look in the corresponding PDF guide from Race Department. The Setup Guide is kept in English, but who explores in the ten-page work, not only in F1 2015, but in many other racing games conjure setups for the fastest journey times.


F1 2015: setups for all tracks and guide for downloadWith us you will also find all the trophies and achievements to F1, 2015.

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