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How to build a clock in Minecraft? What materials you need and what is the plan look like? And you can hang a clock on the wall? Answers there in the article.

Minecraft: AM crafting and hang on the wall - So klapptsSource: Clock-face

Minecraft: AM crafting and hang on the wall

A watch is relatively easily made in Minecraft. The recipe is as follows:

minecraft watch-the-counter

So you need:

  • 4 gold bars
  • 1 Redstone

Gold wins her from gold ore, which occurs primarily in layers 5-28. Expanding its ore from, you have it after that in a furnace to melt to win gold bars. Redstone ore be found mainly in the level 5-12. If you degrade the ore, the Redstone units automatically fall out of the block. But take care that you use at least one iron pick for degradation.


  • Besides the production of a clock can be the timepiece also be obtained by buying it at a villager.
  • minecraft-clock-iconTick ​​Tock

    The blueprint for the watch is quite similar to that for the compass: Minecraft: Making compass and use - Is it possible to change the spawn point?

  • The clock displays the time of day in Minecraft, even if it is in your inventory.
  • Since the time of day is displayed only relatively imprecise in the game of the clock (it consists of two Hälfen with night and day side, is worth the effort really only in caves.
  • In the end and Nether the clock does not work &# 8211; just like the compass.

hanging clock on the wall

To hang in Minecraft a clock on the wall, you need first of a frame: Minecraft: Frame crafting (recipe). These can you then hang on the wall and put the clock in the frame.



By the way: With Redstone you can build quite complex mechanisms in Minecraft known. So it is possible to build a clock computer that displays the exact time outside the game world.

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