Windows 10 Tips: These 15 tricks everyone should know

Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 is here and it looks like a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8. We show you the 15 most important tips and tricks to get to know the new Windows 10 features, and set up the operating system step by step. Also on board are a redesigned Start menu, virtual desktops, the new browser Edge, the voice assistant Cortana, the Windows Store, the window arrangement Snap Assist and cloud and synchronization tools.

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Windows 10 is indeed much more intuitive than Windows 8, but certain settings and functions are not always easy to find. We show, among other tips to the Start Menu as well as virtual desktops, the window arrangement with Snap Assist, Cortana and the new browser Microsoft Edge. In addition, you can see how her to &# 8220; old&# 8221; Control comes and the familiar view in Task Manager enabled.

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Windows 10 Tips # 1: Customize Start Menu

In Windows 10 the familiar Start menu is back. However, now can also attach tiles, namely the right of the usual start menu entries. Opens to the Start menu and click All Apps. Clicks on an app or folder and drag it with the mouse into the tile field on the right side of the Start menu.

Windows 10: On the Start menu can leave their programs and apps also display as tiles.Windows 10: On the Start menu can leave their programs and apps also display as tiles.

After that you can still determine how large the tile should be, by clicking it with the right mouse button. In the context menu you choose among Resize either Small, Medium, Large or Large. However, all sizes for all tiles are not available. This also depends on the type of tile.

If you want to remove tiles, click with the right mouse button and select From &# 8220; Start&# 8221; trigger. So you can remove if necessary completely from the start menu all the tiles. then pulls the Start menu from the right edge lower to the left so it resembles the Windows Start menu. 7

If you want to pin programs from the Start menu to the taskbar, you make this connection also right-click on the tile or start menu entry and selects Pin to Taskbar.

If you want, however, have a start menu without tiles, look over here: Windows 10: Start menu without tiling - Sun removes her her.

Install Windows 10 without Microsoft account - Here&# 039; s

Windows 10 Tips # 2: Change background image

To customize the background image, colors and design of Windows 10, you go as follows:

  1. Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop.
  2. Selects Customize. The Personalization window opens.
  3. In the window you choose the left point background.
  4. Right can you yourselves under the lettering background for a picture, choose a color or a slide show.

You have chosen image, you can a wallpaper of Windows 10 or select your own by clicking the button use Browse. If you color selected, you are Windows before several colors. Detailed instructions are found here: Windows 10: Change background image - how it works.

Windows 10 Tips # 3: color and transparency of the Start menu and Taskbar Change

To change color of the Taskbar and Start Menu, opens her again the window personalization, as described in the previous tip.

Windows 10: Taskbar and Start Menu which can be customized by color and transparency.Windows 10: Taskbar and Start Menu can be adjusted as desired by colors and transparency.
  1. Clicks left to the point colors.
  2. There you can choose from different right accent colors. Windows displays the top right of the window a preview.
  3. only but the colors of the Taskbar and Start menu change when you button below at Color Menu &# 8220; Start&Show # 8221 ;, taskbar and Information Center on an on.
  4. Do you want to turn off the transparency, it provides the button below at menu &# 8220; Start&transparent make # 8221 ;, taskbar and Information Center on the corner.

As you create your own color, you read here: Windows 10: Select Custom Color - how it works.

Windows 10: All versions compared

Windows 10 Tips # 4: Settings adhere to the Start menu

Windows 10: settings can attach themselves to the Start menu.Windows 10: settings can attach themselves to the Start menu.

In Windows 10 you disable individual menu items from the settings as a tile can attach to the Start menu. That is how it goes:

  1. Pressed Windows + i to open the settings.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on any button, and chooses to &# 8220; Start&# 8221; pin out.

Alternatively, you can click on as usual and click the right mouse button on a menu sub-item, a button in the settings. These can in fact also attach to the Start menu.

A detailed guide with additional tips can be found here: Windows 10: pin settings Start menu - manual.

Windows 10 Tips # 5: Working with virtual desktops

A new feature in Windows 10 are virtual desktops, so multiple desktops. So you can have a desktop that runs on your mail program, you navigate to another on the through folders, etc. To create a new virtual desktop, expresses its Windows + Tab and click below right of New desktop. Using the same key combination you can see below your desktops already created and select with the mouse. If you hover your mouse over a desktop preview, Windows displays 10 above the open under the desktop windows and programs. You can then top also target a particular window click the virtual desktop to to get there.

Windows 10 can create multiple virtual desktops running different programs and windows are open.Windows 10 can create multiple virtual desktops running different programs and windows are open.

To close a virtual desktop again expresses its Windows + Tab, and ride down over the desktop that you delete will. Then click on the small X in the corner. There, open windows and programs Windows then moves automatically to the desktop, which is left of the Deleted.

If you want to quickly switch between desktops, you can do that with the shortcut keys Ctrl + Windows + Left arrow key or Ctrl + Windows + Right Arrow key.

Unfortunately you can not provide each with different background images or colors the virtual desktops.

establishes detailed instructions on how their virtual desktops and uses, can be found here: Windows 10: Set up virtual desktops and use - how it works.

# 6 Windows 10 Tips: Move your windows and applications between virtual desktops

If you want to move windows between virtual desktops, you press Windows + Tab first. Then ride with the mouse at the bottom on the desktop, from which you want to take a window or program to another desktop. After a short time then Windows will show in the upper part of the window to the contents of the desktop. Click there on your window or program and it attracts drag & Drop to the desired virtual desktop.

goes on the next pages&# 8217; s on with Snap Assist, the browser Edge, Cortana, the Windows Store and the hidden control panel.


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