Virtual Girlfriend: The best apps, bots & Games

There are many reasons why it will not always work in life with real partners. No matches on Tinder, no good ideas while sexting, no time to shy &# 8211; what is always behind it, sometimes a virtual friend from the Google Play Store is simply the best solution to deal with yourself and stop friends, of which one is fooled because of lack of girlfriend. 

Virtual Girlfriend: The best apps, bots & amp; games

In Japan, it is now commonplace that Japanese men with a retracted lifestyle (Otaku) establish close relationships with imaginary female characters. Dating simulation games have date with games like Love Plus + or apps like Shall we? a new level achieved, because it is no longer just about chatting or data, but also to the successful maintenance of a relationship.

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Basically, one can distinguish whether it comes or a romantic game especially about the friends and acquaintances to give the impression that you would have a steady girlfriend at the virtual girlfriends.

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Top 3 Virtual Girlfriend Apps

3. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend is perfect to practice in dealing with women and girls. In this simulation game, it is your goal a girl herumzukriegen and data, so that they end up in love with you. You are more than 100 women to choose from, each having its own appearance and different personalities. You have to deal with a bunch of tasks and make decisions before it's time. As in real life also has everything you are doing consequences. So you have to perform insightful conversations, go play miniature golf, to dinner and give gifts. Especially good: You can sit on the head of the women any pictures, so the play by play with one of the women who despise you in reality. The app is free and allows in-app purchases, for example, particularly scarce bikinis.

Virtual girlfriend as an app image from the game

2. Virtual Girlfriend

Virtual girlfriend or the very similar app Phoney Girlfriend are less game, but rather chat imitations. Here you can go into communications with women and girls who are often much more candid than it would be the most women in real life probably. To rehearse contact with women in the real world, these apps are not suitable. Very good they are, however, to have casual conversations Flirt to combat acute loneliness. You also get images of real women, but beware: Better not fall in love, because they are all fake.

Virtual girlfriend image from the app

1. Dream Girlfriend

Another dating game from Japan. Here you can cobble together her your dream girlfriend. You can change her clothes, her face, her make-up, and because it's only appearances are, you also have the opportunity to take on their personality influence. You will interact with you and thereby spread great joy.

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Boyfriend, Girlfriend, celebrity girlfriend, all of which can also use the app Faketalk &# 8211; offer free chatbot. The bot learns your language, so you up in German. You can adjust with which great people want to fake their contact and can show the impressive results your friends and brag about it.

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