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WinScan2PDF is an ingenious little tool, which allows you to scan documents and writing the same in a PDF file once just.

The tiny tool is not a 60KB in size and works as a portable program also from a USB stick. Neither it offers an exciting surface, yet complex special functions. It contains only a few buttons and settings.

WinScan2PDF can combine multiple pages in a PDFWinScan2PDF can combine multiple pages in a PDF

With the WinScan2PDF download scan documents and convert them into PDF files

Below is the user to select the language. In addition, can decide WinScan2PDF what quality should have the final PDF file. This then determines the one hand, how well is the representation of the scan, on the other hand but also about the size of the file. Here you may have to try experimenting a little. The default is 80 percent.

After that, you only have to consider whether it should be a unilateral or multilateral file. In that case you can switch with a hook, the program presentation to and can now collect multiple scans before they are written to the PDF file.

WinScan2PDF works with any scanner that was installed properly under Windows and is recognized by the system. To select the scanner or switch between different scanners, it uses the button Select source. the button scan calls on the scanner's user interface. WinScan2PDF do not bring your own here. All settings are made there. And finally converts the button to PDF the scanned data into a PDF file to.

A few small tips:

  • One does not have to scan all the data that you want to include in the PDF file. It can be drawn into the program also add custom images with the mouse and then integrated into the file.
  • When setting option for PDF quality is also an option not to delete temporary scans. These images are then in the TEMP folder and can be reused.

WinScan2PDF requires very little system resources and works on older computers and even netbooks still acceptable. By the portable programming anyone can be &# 8220; scan Office&# 8221; carry in your pocket at all times.

Conclusion: Ingenious tool that belongs in every tool collection!

  • Requires little system resources
  • portable
  • No

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