Until Dawn: All trophies – Guidelines and tips for 100%

In the teen slasher Until Dawn you are not only doomed to be mere spectators but can interactively determine the fate of a group of young people in a remote mountain cabin. There are different courses of action, will be released for the also different trophies. An overview of all trophies we present you the following guide.

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Attention! Spoiler! Until Dawn has branched storylines, which is also reflected in the Trophy descriptions. Therefore, we recommend that you first of all by playing the game before you take a look at the list of trophies, as it reveals explicit details of the story!16403Until Dawn The Road Not Taken

Until Dawn: All trophies in the overview

In until Dawn there with 19 Trophies relatively unlock a few successes. In addition, all the trophies are hidden because they reveal details of the story in the descriptions. Usually it applies to make alternative decisions in tricky decisions to all the trophies unlock. If you've already played the game and asks you what trophies you may have missed, just look in the following table.

Start Photogallery(13 images)Until Dawn: Characters in the overview - eight teenagers and a killer
a-symphony-of-horror-trophiesA Symphony of Horror Trophies platinum
You have collected all the gold, silver and bronze trophies in Until Dawn.
deadly-rumblingdeadly grudgebronze
Chris has decided to shoot Ashley.
deadly-rumblingEmily's exorcism bronze
Mike Emily shot.
the-beast-in-ashleyThe beast in Ashleysilver
Ashley became the beast and let Chris die.
deadly-rumblingYou've let in the wrong!bronze
Ashley and Chris opened the trap door and let in the monster.
deadly-rumblingLet Em purelybronze
Mike Emily allowed to stay in the cellar.
the-beast-in-ashleyInstant Infernosilver
Sam immediately operates the switch to set the lodge on fire.
a-history-of-two sistersA Tale of Two Sistersgold
The group has found all the notes of the twins hint chain.
a-history-of-two sistersA fateful descentgold
The group has found all the notes of the 1952 Notice chain.
a-history-of-two sistersYou opened her eyesgold
The group has discovered all the clues about the unknown man.
a-history-of-two sistersFour daughters of darknessgold
All the girls have survived until morning.
a-history-of-two sistersThey all livegold
All eight friends have survived until morning.
a-history-of-two sistersThis is the endgold
No one has survived until morning.
the-beast-in-ashleyNo Schreckenstod for Jessica silver
Jessica has survived her night of terror.
a-history-of-two sistersThe skillful wolfmangold
Mike has kept the wolf all the time in the sanatorium alive.
the-beast-in-ashleyloud criessilver
Mike has removed his fingers to free himself from the bear trap.
the-beast-in-ashleyThe psychological battlesilver
Sam or Ashley attacked the psychopath with a gun.
a-history-of-two sistersmercurialgold
All the guys have survived until morning.
a-history-of-two sistersThe Night of the Hunter's Totemgold
The group has found all the totems on the mountain.

Until Dawn: Editions at a glance - all versions of the teen-slasher

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