Clash Of Kings: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

Clash Of Clans was yesterday. Today, fans of real-time strategy games get into the battlefield in Clash Of Kings for Android and iOS. That ye may gain a clear head in the build-up play and can take the enemy empires successfully, you will find many Clash Of Kings tips and tricks for successful rulers.

Clash Of Kings: Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS

Target of Clash Of Kings is to provide and expand an empire on its feet. Of course, numerous human opponents stand in their way. Only those who can put together an optimal mix of well-equipped troops, decent defense and thriving economy, including resource management, will go successfully from the Clash Of Kings.

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Clash Of Kings: Tips, Tricks for Gold


As with almost every strategy game, the currency is in Clash Of Kings a crucial factor for success. In Clash Of Kings different things can be paid for with gold. as in free game apps gold can usually be purchased through in app purchases via real money. But even without the use of money you can free gold in Clash Of Kings get.

  • Do not miss the tutorial at the beginning of the game. In addition to important experience also free gold here waiting on you. You will be prompted to complete the construction of buildings with gold, time waits prefer, and saves you the valuable material.
  • About the hint button you will receive new tasks regularly. Includes their tasks successfully, there with a little luck Free Clash Of Kings Gold.
  • In case of their fighting force, can you fight against monsters. These are defeated, there are also gold.
  • Also occupying gold mining brings new gold, but also requires a well-developed army.
  • Seek out an alliance, and to stand in this, to dust a gold bonus of 200th
  • In addition, there are free premium currency when you load your game linked to a social network, where appropriate tasks such. As the sharing of news, met. In the "activities" can be found details on these options and tasks and special events.
  • In addition to gold, it is considered more currencies in Clash Of Kings to collect. So needed their wood and grain to build your base and troops. Looks her regularly in the game over, there are also VIP points. These improve z. As the resources production and endurance of your army.


Clash Of Kings Invitation codes and activation codes

New friends bring you additional rewards such as gold. Investigated this your invitation code into the app and load your friends to Clash Of Kings a. If you are still looking for an alliance or new friends in Clash Of Kings, you can replace you here in the comments. The more successful the invited players of you, the higher falls out and your reward.

3 Friends:5 friends:10 Friends:20 Friends:
100 gold2 x 100 gold3 x 100 gold5 x 100 gold
100 VIP points100 VIP points2 x 100 VIP points3 x 100 VIP points
1 hour shortening2 x warhorn2 x warhorn2 gold arrow
5000 Lord EXP2 x 5000 Lord EXP3 x 5000 Lord EXP4 x 5000 Lord EXP


Clash Of Kings: Alliances

The "A" and "O" in Clash Of Kings are the alliances. Manage can you the covenants on the alliance menu. Together with your friends you can against warring alliances in the battle pulling. To make this possible, but the war hall must first be built. Among the Alliance sciences their research can promote that will help the entire alliance. The more you research, the more honor Alliance collects her.


The Alliance honor can be exchanged in alliance Store Clash Of Kings for rare items. In addition, an alliance structures of other friendly players can be accelerated without the need for gold. Even with lack of resources alliance members can help. Alliance members can you z. For example, on the leaderboard. Oriented you here in smaller groups. Also in the comments you can replace you here to find new Clash Of Kings friends.

Is there Clash Of Kings cheats and hacks?

As with all games I raises the question of cheats or hacks even in Clash Of Kings. Although various sites and providers lure hacks that promise you free wood, food or gold, but you should be careful with such offers. The game is free provided by the developers, the maintenance and further refinanced inter alia to through the in app purchases. A Clash Of Kings Cheat for free Gold is therefore not provided. On YouTube and Co. video that you promise a Clash Of Kings hack find. Here, however, hide Trojans, viruses or other malicious content with which z. As your Google Play access data be spied.

Gallery Clash Of Kings

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