Fritz: NAS Set up & amp; Connect hard drive – how it works

If you want to buy an expensive NAS, you can also set up your Fritz box as effective NAS. For this you can connect to the Fritz box an external USB hard drive. Some router models also have an internal memory where it is not absolutely necessary. We show you how.

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Fritz: NAS - what is it?

Plugged a USB hard drive to the Fritz box in order to use it as a NAS.Plugged a USB hard drive to the Fritz box in order to use it as a NAS.*

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a small PC server that has built several large hard drives. It serves large storage capacities in the network to provide, such as music or video collection. All equipment including smartphone, tablet, laptop and TV can then access the memory to stream media content.

Your Fritz box can you use as a simple NAS by their connecting a USB hard drive via its USB port. Like a Fritz box NAS differs from a NAS server, you read below.

Compare USB hard drives*

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Fritz: Set up NAS & connect hard drives - Instructions

Note: Here we show you how you can set up your Fritz box as NAS. In older models, the settings can be found under circumstances elsewhere. You can find them then in the service portal of your Fritzbox router.

To set up your Fritz box as NAS, it proceeds as follows:

  1. Inserts a USB flash drive or USB hard drive *Fritz: NAS Set up & amp; Connect hard drive - how it works to the USB port of the Fritz box.
  2. The USB flash drive must be formatted in a supported format, such as FAT32 or NTFS.
  3. Opens the user interface of the Fritz box.
  4. Navigates to home network attached storage (NAS).

    So you activate the NAS function in the Fritz box.So you activate the NAS function in the Fritz box.

  5. Places a check mark in storage (NAS) enabled.
  6. Selects including from the memory. Either internal memory or an infected USB memory.
  7. Home network share you can determine the name of the NAS and its working group. Here you should type in her your work group that also use your network devices. By default, the: WORKGROUP.
  8. Click then click Apply and Update.

Now you have even set up a user in the Fritz box. This will be used later to access from Windows to NAS:

  1. Opens the Fritz-setting system, Fritz! Box users.
  2. Click Add User, and forgiving a name and a password.

    Fritz: So you created a new user for the NAS.Fritz: So you created a new user for the NAS.

  3. Sets down a check mark for access to NAS content.
  4. Then clicking on the Add button directory and selects the option All available to the FRITZ! Box memory.
  5. Alternatively, you can also determine that the user can access, and whether he can read or write only a directory of the NAS memory. Confirms the operation.

access from Windows to Fritz box NAS and disk

To access Windows on the Fritz box NAS (including attached hard drives), we recommend a network drive. Then you data on the NAS over the mapped drive can open and save:

  1. Opens the Windows Explorer shortcut Windows + E.
  2. Click with the right mouse button left on the Network tab and choose Map Network Drive&# 8230; out.
  3. Selects a drive letter and click on the Browse button&# 8230; ,
  4. In the Network tab do you choose the name of your Fritz box NAS. By default, the FRITZ NAS.

    Windows: So you created a network drive to access the Fritz box NAS.Windows: So you created a network drive to access the Fritz box NAS.

  5. Now you will be asked for login information.
  6. Give here your previously taken Fritzbox users and places a check mark in credential store.
  7. Now, the contents of the Fritz box NAS you will appear. For the content of infected USB hard drive you should see a separate subfolder called the hard disk. Selects it and make confirmed with OK and Done.
  8. Now, Windows displays the Fritz box NAS as drive in Windows Explorer.

    The Fritz box NAS will appear in the Explorer.The Fritz box NAS will appear in the Explorer.

  9. If the name of the Explorer is too long, you can select the drive and rename the F2 key.
  10. If you want to remove the drive later, clicking the right mouse button and select Disconnect.

Fritz: Set up NAS - the need to consider their

If you set up your Fritz box as a NAS, you should consider the following:

  • A Fritz-NAS is a lot cheaper than a real NAS as a Fritz box is usually present and only one hard drive must be bought separately.
  • The Fritz box NAS (~ 5 MB per second) transfers files usually much slower than a real NAS (~ 100 MB per second).
  • For video streaming in HD, the transmission speed of a Fritz box NAS may be insufficient.
  • A Fritz box NAS has no detailed user management with access permissions.
  • A Fritz box NAS has to be mirrored RAID or no assurance function as a NAS with your data and secured.

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