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In Ubuntu, there is also a kind of Task Manager as Windows, which displays processes and system utilization. However, he has a different name and can be found not so easy. We show you where and how you can open the Task Manager in Ubuntu.

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About the Task Manager in Ubuntu can end their processes, monitor system resources and file system. Unlike Windows, it is in Ubuntu, however, system monitoring and can not simply right-click on the Start taskbar.

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To open the Task Manager in Ubuntu, it does the following:

  1. Presses the Windows key to open the Dash.
  2. Types a system monitoring and clicks on the same program.

    System Monitoring: The task manager of Ubuntu.System Monitoring: The task manager of Ubuntu.

  3. Above you see three tabs: Processes, resources and file systems.
  4. The first tab you see all running processes and can terminate this also. Under resources you see the CPU and network utilization and storage and retrieval Chronicle. Under filesystems your hard drives and partitions will be displayed with the memory allocation and the file system type.

Ubuntu Task Manager: Kill Processes

To end in Ubuntu a process with the Task Manager, you make the following:

  1. Opens the Task Manager as described above.
  2. In the tab processes you click with the right mouse button on a process and selects the entry Exit. Alternatively, you can him pause, resume or stalling. 
  3. Furthermore, can you change the priority.
Ubuntu: Here finished their processes via Task Manager.Ubuntu: Here finished their processes via Task Manager.

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