iPhone 6 Qi-enabled? So you can the Apple smartphone wirelessly upload

load the iPhone 6 wireless is the dream of many Apple users. After all, one must then not always remember to take a cable - that's still broken in the worst case, or suffering from a loose connection. But the iPhone is any Qi-enabled? We explain it to you.

iPhone 6 Qi-enabled? So you can the Apple smartphone wirelessly uploadSource: Wisanu Boonrawd

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Did you know that "Qi" comes from Chinese and means "life energy"? Probably you know it mainly as a proprietary standard that is used for wirelessly transfer energy. Smartphones can thus be loaded completely wireless.

How does Qi with the iPhone?

Although many modern smartphone support the Qi-loading facility, which is at Apple as yet no standard. With some detours the wireless charging by Qi works yet. Meanwhile, however, the charging standard is so well known that it was used at Ikea, for example in furniture. The Qi standard is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In this case, current is transferred by magnetic resonance between the transmitter and receiver. Certain chip control the charging process and thus protect against malfunctions.

iPhone 6The 6 Series family of the iPhone by default does not yet support Qi-charge.Start Photogallery(8 pictures)iPhone X: X-ray vision for the home screen to download

How you get the iPhone Qi-enabled

Unfortunately, the wireless charging of the iPhone is not yet possible without aids. Some manufacturers have developed special tools as a solution, however, by means of which it is possible to charge the battery without charging cable. Two of these cases we have looked at in the past ever more precisely, the induction charging aids Zens. So if you have a Zen-shell attached to the iPhone, you can do it simply place it on a Qi charging station and the charging process is started.

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Meanwhile, Apple has designed its own, very unsightly Case, which enables charging without wires. For the Smart Battery Case but Apple does not provide information about capacity. Again, the charge does not work about electromagnetic - much more the case over the Lightning port is constantly connected to the iPhone. For the spare battery is also displayed on the lock screen, how much power he has.

smart-battery-case iphoneThe Smart Battery Case is not particularly pretty, but quite handy &# 8211; but it uses no Qi standard.

Will the iPhone support in the future Qi?

It is not yet clear whether the next generation of iPhones will be Qi-enabled. Since Apple has only now introduced the Smart Battery Case, it seems more likely that it is sold in the future more accessories for such purposes, to install than the Qi standard.

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