So you can PS4 Themes download, set up and adjust

Unlike a PC desktop you have very limited possibilities for the PlayStation 4 to set up the menu of the console individually. Who wanted to hire his own PS4 Theme, had to bring a lot of patience after the release of the console.

So you can PS4 Themes download, set up and adjust

By appearing in the fall firmware update 2.0 is finally possible now to set new themes in the PS4.

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So you can set PS4 Themes

ps4-themeAfter installing the firmware update dynamic themes can be set up on the PlayStation. 4 So you have the design of the menu background in your hands. How to expect from the PlayStation 3, the PSN Store new themes can be downloaded. In general, here mainly backgrounds that are based on current PS4 games as well as classics from the console history.

For the 20th anniversary of the PSOne Sony has released a birthday theme in the look of the first console. PlayStation Store you can download the PS4 theme. This is held in the classic gray of the PSOne. In addition, the cherished start sound of the console classic can be heard. In addition to the anniversary theme Sony has also released the birthday of the first PlayStation, a PS4 in retro look.

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PS4: Setting Themes and change

So you can set up their new themes and backgrounds on the PlayStation 4:

  1. Calls the "Settings" on the PS4 home screen.
  2. There you will find the "Themes" submenu.
  3. Here downloaded themes are already listed.
  4. In addition, you can you go here to look for new PlayStation 4 themes in the PSN Store.
  5. Once downloaded, to upload your console via the "Settings" equipped with the new animated background.
  6. Note that the availability of themes is dependent on the region in which it uses the PSN, or your PSN account is registered.


In addition to the new themes Update 2.0 has also brought the SharePlay feature on Sony's new console.

With us you also learn how to reset the PS4. We also show you how you can cancel at PlayStation Plus.


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