FIFA 16: shoot free kicks – Tips, tricks and tutorial for gates

Does it not in regular gameplay, often helps a standard situation, eg. B. in the form of a free kick to scoring. So you can convert 16 set plays for goals in FIFA, you can find below some tips and tricks for shooting free kicks in FIFA 16th

FIFA 16: shoot free kicks - Tips, tricks and tutorial for gates

The makers of EA Sports chatting it even out of school and present to you the best tips to truncated and gezirkelten free kicks around the wall and into powerful shots in which the wall crouching rather than to stand in the shot.

FIFA 16: Tips for free kicks &# 8211; hard by the wall

To transform a powerful free kick shot, proceed as follows:

  1. Hold RT / R2 to select the best available player with high shooting power and ordinary kick values.
  2. Shipyard to also take a look at the overview of the committee strongest players.
  3. also noted the strong player base. For a hard kick from the left side after he left her playing shooters should choose on the right front of the goal, accordingly, a shooter with a strong right foot.
  4. Sets up the camera so that the outermost players of the opposing wall is in line with the post on your side.
  5. Hold LB / L1 and the left stick before the shot forward and pushes the shot button (B or circle).
  6. Fills the strip for the shot force to the third field. The further one standing away from the gate, the stronger the shot must be placed.
  7. Fire-free!
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FIFA 16: Free Kicks &# 8211; shot with spin past the wall

Who makes it more elegant, however, can shoot a gezirkelten free kick swerve around the wall.

  1. Will once again select the perfect shot, the defense. Care should be taken primarily on a high Effet- and kick value.
  2. On the left side in front of goal this time you choose a player with a strong right foot on the left side of the goal, accordingly, a player with a strong left foot from.
  3. Aims now to the innermost two players the wall and pulls the stick while in the 45-degree angle to the top left or top right of the corner of the net.

    FIFA-16 freistoesseThe orientation of the camera from free-kicks past the wall (Screenshot: EA Sports on YouTube)

  4. How had you shoot with B or circle.
  5. Fills the Power shots in the penalty area this time on only two strips.
  6. Now, the ball should land with swerve past the wall untenable for the goalkeeper in the corner. Come on&# 8217; s the new goal celebrations.

FIFA 16: shoot free kicks - Tips and tricks for gates

Of course, there are other variants that lead to scoring. Speculation about her that the wall jumps, can you shoot the ball under the wall through.

  1. Keep doing LB / L1 pushed up.
  2. Invite the shot bar with two bar.
  3. At start-up of the player you think the left stick upwards towards the target.

Another variation is to call an additional player to kick. About LT / L2 you can muster to kick another player, via RB / R1 is even a third kicker to it. This you can hang up correspondingly flat pass by you pull the left stick down, hold the left shoulder button and gently pressed the pass button.

then thresh with the oncoming player on target to bring the free kick past the wall into the net. Do you take down the relevant key for the second or third player, you can also perform the above-mentioned variants, with the additional players.

FIFA 16: shoot free kicks - Tips, tricks and tutorial for gates

The additional players can you also use for kick feints. To allow a player to run over the ball feinting, RB / R1 and LB / L1 or even both buttons hold down and then presses the execution of the free kick at the same time the weft and pass key

So that every kick is a hit, you should take a look at the best free kick taker in FIFA throw 16th In addition, we have taken the game in FIFA 16 test more closely.


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