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If you receive unwanted spam messages from a particular sender repeatedly, you can block their e-mail address. This you do not reach these emails or be deleted directly. We show how this works with the popular e-mail programs and providers, including Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird.

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block e-mail address

If you constantly get e-mails from a sender that annoy you, you can simply block these spam mails. Typically, a filter is created then simply discarded or emails from a particular sender deletes directly.

Table of Contents:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Thunderbird
  • GMX
  • T-Online


  1. Opens Gmail.
  2. Opens the e-mail from senders want to block it permanently.
  3. Click on the top right on the small down arrow.
  4. Selects here &Sender; # 8220&# 8221; lock.

    Here you can permanently block the sender of an e-mail.Here you can permanently block the sender of an e-mail.

  5. Confirms the indication that e-mails are marked in the future from this sender as spam, with the button lock.
  6. Alternatively, you click on the mail to the stop sign-like icon with an exclamation mark in the middle. There appears you may additionally how you can unsubscribe from email without immediately block all senders.
Gmail lets you to use the button as you can opt out of these types of messages.Gmail lets you to use the button as you can opt out of these types of messages.

Cancel: If you have blocked a sender by mistake, you can leave him in the same way again. Selects the arrow then the entry blocking of &Sender; # 8220&# 8221; cancel.


For newer versions of Outlook, the instructions apply analogously. Under certain circumstances, the buttons are named differently:

  1. Opens in Outlook spam mail.
  2. In the Start tab you click on the button junk e-mail.
  3. Selects the sender entry lock out, so that e-mails end up in the future of the Spam Folder.
So you can lock in their Outlook e-mail sender.Here you e-mail senders can lock in Outlook.

Cancel: Click on the button again junk e-mail and selects Junk E-mail Options. In the Blocked Senders tab you can select the sender and remove.


In Thunderbird you can set a filter to block sender. Then, when you get an unsolicited e-mail from this sender, the message is automatically moved to the Trash.

  1. Opens in Thunderbird unwanted email.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the e-mail to the sender and click on Create Filter from&# 8230; ,

    Select this option to filter out the sender's mail.Select this option to filter out the sender's mail in the future.

  3. Forgive for the filter above a descriptive name such as blocked addresses.
  4. Above the right condition is already set. Selects down at Executed Actions and delete the message.
  5. Confirmed with OK.
This filter receiving the sender's messages are automatically deleted.This filter receiving the sender's messages are automatically deleted.

Cancel: You can do the whole thing reversed if you press the Alt key and selecting the Tools menu, filter. Here you can delete the filter created or only off.

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In GMX can mark it as spam their unwanted messages. This learns the built-in spam filters and filters future messages from that sender better. Alternatively, you can also set your own filter, similar to Thunderbird.

  1. Login you one on GMX and opens the unwanted e-mail.
  2. Click on the email button SPAM.
  3. You can find the e-mail is now the suspected spam folder, where you also reversed can do.
GMX: Click here to mark the email as spam.GMX: Click here to mark the email as spam.

Alternatively, you judge a filter:

  1. Click the bottom left of the GMX Navigation Settings.
  2. Under Security, you click on blacklist.
  3. Now give the sender's e-mail address that annoys you. Confirmed with Save.
You can do a e-mail sender send to the black list to block it.You can do a e-mail sender send to the black list to block it.

  1. Log in with and opens the settings to the settings.
  2. Subfolder you see the filter rules under which you can create a new filter.
  3. Selects the following from
    • Field: Sender
    • Filters: is
    • Term: (to block e-mail address)
    • Action: Delete Immediately
  4. Click on Save.


T-Online you can block specific senders on the negative list:

  1. Log you in your T-Online account, and marks the email that disturbs.
  2. Click on the button More about the email and select Flag for spam from.
  3. Click top left on the button menu settings.
  4. Under e-mail you click on spam protection.
  5. Chooses the first option: direct reject and delete.


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