Gwent: Best cover – the best tickets for all the kingdoms

The best decks with the best cards may look very different in Gwent. You can get about 200 different maps and rush you with multiple decks in the games. Here, results in numerous combinations of the best cards, depending on your playing style. We would like to introduce you to each of the five fractions a very strong deck, which we are among the strongest.

We show you each faction of the best decks in Gwent. Because of their strength, they are, however, quite expensive. So if you want to invest any real money, it can be worth it if their cards grinds and produces new cards to come out on valuable decks. In general, it is very helpful when you first the core of your decks bronze cards accumulated, so you can refine them with the silver and gold cards.

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The best Gwent decks

Since the cards for Gwent can be quite expensive if you buy them for real money, we recommend you that you collect as much Scrap, thereby preparing themselves cards. This way is a little more difficult, but that the game remains a challenge in the long run. Unfortunately, this often ends in a long grind, but for that you can later look back with pride on the best decks. We show you here exemplary combinations which can function as best decks.

Gwent best decksEspecially against real opponents is a strong and balanced cover the key to success.

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Best deck of Monster

The monsters you should not place undue reliance on weather effects you. Their great strength is that when they consume and thereby receive bonuses. Therefore, we recommend you several Nekker because they get extra points by exhaustion and her pulls back from the deck in each round, if you take one of them from the board. This will be even more if you use the Nekkerkrieger because they can spawn two bronze monsters. In this way, can you put your opponents with a variety of attackers under pressure, which also strengthen one another. Are you on the defensive can, eat up their monsters to protect you and to increase values. The means to success here is: Will a cannibal!

  • 2x Monster Nest
  • 1x Rip
  • 1x Avallac&8217 h
  • 1x Blue sky
  • 1x Dimeritiumbombe
Bronze cards
  • 2x Ghul
  • 3x Nekker
  • 3x Nekkerkrieger
  • 3x Ekimma
Silver cards
  • 1x aunt: Fl├╝sterin
  • 1x aunt: brewer
  • 1x aunt: weaver
Gold cards
  • 1x Pedell
  • 1x Imlerith
  • 1x Kayran
  • Dragon
Gwent best decksWith a Nekkerarmee her your opponents can roll over.

Best deck for Nilfgaard

With the Kingdom of Nilfgaard it uses the inglorious invention of the Plague Mangonel. This catapults use up carcasses and has excellent synergy with other cards. With them you can abluchsen the enemy at the beginning a few cards. In addition, you should prevent them from attracting new and important cards, so that you reduce their chances with the enemy Sweers and Xarthisius. Near the end should you have Cahir right in front of your enemies to get out with him one last train.

  • 2x Blue sky
  • 1x Cantarella
  • biting frost
  • Alzurs thunder
Bronze cards
  • 2x Plague Mangonel
  • 2x Vicovaro Doctor
  • 2x Nauzicaa-Standard Bearer
  • 3x Sagittarius Black Infantry
  • 2x Imperators amplifier
Silver cards
  • 1x Ocvist
  • 1x roach
  • 1x King of Beggars
  • 1x Sweers
  • 1x Myrgtabrakke
Gold cards
  • 1x Yennefer
  • 1x Cahir
  • 1x Vilgefortz
  • 1x Xarthisius
  • Morvran Voohris
Gwent best decks Nilfgaardkeep control and great heroes are distinguished from Nilfgaard.

Best deck for Skellinge

The best Skellinge deck is very strong and popular with the players. Their warriors can become stronger when enemy units are wounded. This is done with safety, so you are sure bonuses. Unfortunately, this deck is very hard to get, but it's worth it! Hjalmar is the key to success, as you can clearly pushing him your reinforcements yet. We recommend you these cards:

  • 3x Blue sky
  • 1x Birna Bran
  • 1x recovery
  • 1x Donar at Hindar
  • 2x Stammelfords quake
Bronze cards
  • 3x Freya Priestess
  • 1x Wild Bear
  • 3x Tuirseach-Axeman
  • 3x Brokvar Archer
Silver cards
  • 1x Myrgtabrakke
  • 1x Ocvist
  • 1x Sigrdrifa
  • Blue Jung Lugos
Gold cards
  • 1x Hjalmar
  • 1x Yennefer
  • 1x Geralt: Igni
  • Harald cripple
Best Deck Skellinge GwentThe tough fighters from the north are among the most powerful cards in Gwent.

Best deck for Scio&8217; tael

We recommend you this deck if you want to have a quick start. It is not very expensive and shares in favor of powerful. If you offer him Scio&8217; specialize tael can collect their fast experience and also Scrap to start your work on another strong decks. With the Mahakam dwarves can you say you long, as they may well be reinforced with bonuses. The synergies are well balanced and you will receive for each new unit added strength. Invested in the strength of the dwarves and you strong and enduring warriors in the front row. In addition, you have a number of witches on your side.

  • 1x Horn of commander
  • 1x Yaevinn
  • 1x Alzurs thunder
  • 3x Blue sky
  • 1x Adrenaline Rush
Bronze cards
  • 3x Mahakam defender
  • 2x Mahakam Guard
  • 3x elves mercenaries
  • 3x Havka healer
  • 3x Havka smugglers
Silver cards
  • 1x Lambert
  • 1x Eskel
  • 1x Vesemir
  • 1x Cleaver
Gold cards-
  • Eithne
Gwent best decksThis deck does not need a gold card.

Best deck for the Northern Kingdoms

This deck focuses heavily on siege weapons. With them you are steadfast and strong. There are also powerful gold cards and you can heal your wounds with paramedics. Build this deck slowly on the field and keep your fighters at the beginning with promotions and healers alive until you have a strong army.

  • 1x red herring
  • 2x transport
  • 1x Manticore
  • 1x Blue sky
  • 3x reinforced siege tower
Bronze cards
  • 3x Tribok
  • 3x field medic
  • 2x warhorse Scouts
Silver cards
  • 1x Nenneke
  • 1x Cyprian Wily
  • 1x King of Beggars
  • 1x Priscilla
Gold cards
  • 1x Ciri
  • 1x Yennefer
  • 1x Villentretenmerth
  • ┬áHenselt
Gwint Northern KingdomsA siege army leads you to this fraction to victory.

Do you still find more tips or better decks? Then your knowledge willingly shares with us in the comment section.

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