Dilf: From the clothes to the importance

Ladies (and some men), may I introduce: the Dilf - the male equivalent of the MILF. In the 21st century woman has of course not let it take to create a name for extremely attractive, mature men with children. We tell you at this point what makes a Dilf and who belongs. We also tell you where you get Dilf Clothing.

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The times in which fathers early forties in Dad's jeans, the shirt in the pants and sparse hair dominated the monopoly of Dad typology are over &# 8211; So in part. Another type father joins him: The father with attractive sexy body and style factor. So men à la David Beckham, Brad Pitt & Co. The propagated People magazine years ago and Dilf Hugh Jackman in 2008 voted Sexiest Man Alive for.

Dilf: origin and meaning of the acronym

Dilf is the acronym of "Dad I'd like to f *" - that father, with whom I'd like to go to bed. In other words: A man who has a sense of family and Sexfantasie the same time. He not only cares lovingly for the house and child, but also meets the desirable object and the lusts of the wife and all other languishing women. The term comes etymologically back to the Milf. A Milf is a mature woman with children who is usually seen by younger men as a desirable sexual object. (Further information on Milf gets her here). When the term Dilf showed up the first time you can not say exactly, unfortunately. Attractive fathers there has always been and women found faithful family men, the optically pounce much even always desirable (yeah right, not every woman wants a bad boy and asshole). but one can assume that the ideal of the metrosexual man (for the David Beckham is indeed) gave the Dilf again an upswing.

Dilf cup*

Dilf T-Shirt for sexy Dads*

If one were a Dilf list create, she would probably never end. We save the at this point and name only some male HighlightsHugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Lenny Kravitz, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum (although the last three are still a little too young). And do not forget Dwayne &# 8216; The Rock&8217; Johnson. This is last year not only again become father of a daughter, he was named in 2016 by People magazine and the Sexiest Man Alive.

Teaching &# 39; em young to start applauding the moment daddy starts singing. Smart girl. Answering my questions is egotistical CLEARLY A work in progress). Happy 1st Birthday baby girl. Got you for life. #Aiga #PuaMana

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Dilf Clothing and where you get it

By whom the idea for Dilf Clothing came, we do not know &# 8211; is not relevant at the end probably is. A funny gift for newly become fathers are T-shirt, boxer shirts, Capies or cups imprinted with Dilf in any case. You can get them two ways: the Amazon, there are T-Shirts:

Dilf T-Shirt*

On the side of CafePress you get a wider selection of Dilf articles:

Dilf Clothing*

Dilf and Sugar Daddy - a demarcation attempt

With a male stereotype of Dilf may be not confused: the Sugar Daddy. Also, the sugar daddy is an older man, but he must be neither attractive nor have children. The only thing a Sugar Daddy needs is ultimately money to support his young playmates.

Older Man Proposing To Younger Woman

Here you learn the meaning of other terms:

  • Smombie
  • Yalla
  • hayvan

Should you still know more Dilfs, you can of course write to the comments you. At best, we get its own encyclopedia together.

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